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10 Ways Swimming Can Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Keeping Your Pool Clean and Clear with Royal Concentrated Pool Blend

Ultimate Easy Pool Maintenance

By Scott

10 Cold Hardy Tropical Plants: Turn Your Poolside Into Your Own Tropical Paradise

By Toni

Health Benefits Of Using Infrared Saunas

By Toni

How to cool your swimming pool water temperature

By Toni

Can You Install An Above Ground Swimming Pool Yourself?

Is It Safe To Bury an Above Ground Pool?

How to Build the Ultimate Work From Home Patio Space

Can a Swimming Pool Cause a UTI, Yeast Infection, Ear Infection, or Other Health Issues?

Comparing The Best Foam Form Options for Poured Concrete Coping

Why More Pool Owners Are Replacing Their Older Pool Light

Preparing Your Pool for Warm Weather Festivities

5 Reasons Shade Escapes are the Best Outdoor Accessory on the Market

How to Save Money on an Inground Swimming Pool

Why Swimming Pools Cause Itchy Skin And How To Keep It From Happening

What Are the Different Vinyl Liner Bead Types for Swimming Pools

How to Replace Your Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner

Open Your Pool Sooner (and A LOT Easier) with Pool Frog and EZ Pool

How To Install And Use Your Pool Frog

The Easiest & Most Effective Pool Maintenance Now Saves Time & Money

Chlorine Shortages + Price Increases Lead To Alternative Solutions

How to Create the Ultimate Backyard Pool Oasis

The Verona: The Most Versatile Pool in the Industry

Purchasing a Pool during the Pandemic? Here's What You Need To Know

COVID-19 Impact on the Above Ground Swimming Pool Industry

The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance

How to Repair Cracks in Pool Steps

How to Start Up a Saltwater Swimming Pool

How to Install an Overlap Liner for your Above Ground Pool

Can a Slide be Added to an Existing Inground Swimming Pool?

How to AB Measure a Pool For a New Liner

A Beginner's Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance

How to Safely Design a Diving Board Pool

What's Included in an Above Ground or Semi-Inground Pool Kit?

How To Read Your Swimming Pool's Dig Spec

How to Choose Above Ground Pool Equipment and Accessories

By William

How to Put an Above Ground Pool on a Hill

How to Test Swimming Pool Water User's Guide

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Saltwater Pools

How to Install a Skimmer on an Above Ground Swimming Pool

How to Find and Choose a Swimming Pool Builder

How to Maintain a Saltwater Swimming Pool

Pool Maintenance DIY or Professional Services?

By Kathy

How Much does it Cost to Install an Inground Vinyl Liner Pool

Understanding Bonding and Grounding for Swimming Pool Equipment

Saltwater Above Ground Pools: A Buyer’s Guide

How to (Properly) Measure Your Swimming Pool for a Safety Cover

This Week's Safety Cover Photo Winner is...

Swimming Pool Closing Chemicals Made Easy

2019 Cover Photo Contest Rules & Guidelines

Does My Pool Need a Standard or a Custom Safety Cover?

Pool Safety Covers vs. Winter Pool Covers: Which Cover Should I Get?

Mesh vs. Solid Safety Covers: Which Type Is Right for My Pool?

Installing an Above Ground Pool with a Sand Base and Foam Cove

Is a Winter Pool Cover Necessary?

Food Ideas for the Perfect Pool Party

By Bill

Complete Inground Pool Build: Part 1 - Design and Purchase Decisions

By Bill

Avoid Melting Your Pool Liner from Accidental Glare and Heat

What Size Pool Heater Do I Need?

How to Add an Automatic Cover to a Pool

Can Above Ground Pools Be Heated?

E-Z Clip Liner Installation Tips for H.I.I. by Doughboy Pools

By Bill

Finally! Easy Solutions to Pool Maintenance!

4th of July Pool Party Ideas

By Bill

Money-Saving Pool Hack: Use Baking Soda to Raise Alkalinity Levels

By Bill

How to Add a Mineral System to Your Pool (And Use 50%-100% Less Chlorine!)

15 Awesome Pool Party Games for Kids

How To Clean a Murky Green Pool FAST with Revive!

Make Keeping Your Pool Clean and Clear Easy with EZ POOL!

How to Convert a Chlorine Pool to a Saltwater Pool

Liquid Solar Blankets: Keep Your Pool Warm

Swimming Pool Heaters vs. Heat Pumps: Which Is Better?

The Perfect Solution for Your Saltwater Pool: PEPPER

How Much Decking or Patio Do I Need Around an Inground Swimming Pool?

How Much Does An Above Ground Pool Cost to Build?

How to Purchase Your Above Ground or Semi-Inground Swimming Pool

What to Know When Choosing an Above Ground Pool Liner

How to Install your Beaded or UniBead Above Ground Pool Liner

What Does a Pool Liner Warranty Cover?

Top 18 Swimming Pool Exercises (That Aren't Swimming)

By Bill

How To Route Your Pool's Plumbing And Set Up Your Equipment Pad

How To Troubleshoot Problems with Your Salt Cell

What does it mean to become a Royal Preferred Pool Builder?

When Should You Buy a Semi-Inground Pool Instead?

Oval Pools: To Buttress or Not to Buttress, That is the Question.

What's Better: A Round or Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool?

8 Key Considerations When Designing a Family Pool

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

How much does it cost to install an Inground swimming pool?

How to Measure and Order a Replacement Vinyl Pool Liner

Pool Base Materials: Portland, Vermiculite, and Pre-Mix Pool Krete

What to Know When Buying an Inground Pool (Free eBook)

By Bill

How Deep Are Above Ground Pools?

By Zach

How to Heat a Swimming Pool (Without a Heater)!

By Spencer

Inground Pool Steps: The Detailed Basics

Top 3 Tips For an Epic New Year's Eve Poolside Party!

What is the most durable swimming pool finish?

By Kathy

Vinyl Pools vs. Fiberglass Pools vs. Concrete Pools

Chlorine vs. Saltwater vs. Mineral System Pools: Pros and Cons

When is a safety cover no longer safe?

By Kathy

Is a Swimming Pool a Good Investment / Add Value to Your Home?

By Bill

Can I Let My Pool Freeze Over in the Winter?

5 Reasons to Build a Pool in the Fall

By Greg

6 Tips to Transform your backyard into an Oasis

Top 10 tips for the ultimate pool party

What is Included with a Royal Swimming Pools Inground Pool Kit?

What Size Swimming Pool Should I Get?

What Swimming Pool Shape Should I Get?

What if an 18-wheeler can't deliver to my address?

By Zach

Mineral Pool Systems: Diving into the Benefits

By Meagan

Why is my swimming pool liner floating?

When Disaster Strikes

Best of the Best Photo Winner

Another "Best of the Best" Photo Winner!

"Most Creative" Pool Photo!

Photo Contest Rules and Guidelines

By Toni

Pool Construction and Instructional Information

By Greg

Inground Swimming Pool Kit Installation and Construction

Automatic Pool Cover Information, Use, and FAQ

By Greg

What Size Pump Should I Get for My Pool?

Why Do I Need Two Main Drains for my Swimming Pool?

How to Repair Thermal Plastic Pool Steps

By Greg

How To Install Your Vinyl Inground Pool Liner

42" vs 48" Panels: Selecting a Wall Height for Your New Swimming Pool

Above Ground Swimming Pool Kit Installation and Construction

Automatic Pool Cover Opening/Closing Operation

Build Your Own Swimming Pool & Save Money

By William

Doughboy Tuscany Above Ground Pool Kits

By Greg

Inground Swimming Pool Installation  Resources


Pool Krete: How to Build The Base for Your Inground Swimming Pool

Hydra 6" Radius Corner Assist Bracket

By Greg

Hydra Adjustable-Foldable A-Frame Brace System

By Greg

Doughboy Palm Shore 52" Semi-Inground Pool Kits

By Greg

Doughboy Desert Spring Above Ground Pool Kits

By Greg

Doughboy Copper Canyon Swimming Pools Kits

By Greg

Above Ground Deeper Oval Pool Installation

Financing and Payment Plan Options for Inground and Above Ground Pools

Hydra Deck Support System Installation Video

Aqua Genie Product Information and Installation Instructions

By Greg

Doughboy Above Ground Swimming Pools for the Greater Memphis Area

By Greg

HeatWave Sauna EMF Test Results vs. Industry Standards

What To Know When Choosing a Pool Liner

How to Trowel Your Pool Base

Automatic Pool Cleaners: What's the Difference?

What are the Different Types of Pool Filters? (Sand, Cartridge & D.E.)

Pool Pumps: What are the Real Differences?

Infrared Sauna FAQs

Pool Covers: The Differences, Benefits & How to Buy

How to Receive Your Freight Shipment

Does Your Pool or Spa Have Plans This Valentine's Day?

Pool Safety for your Pets

By Josh

How do YOU enjoy your pool?

By Josh

What is the Benefit of Switching to Salt Water?

By Josh

The Best Pool Options For Smaller Yards

By Josh

Best Ways To Enjoy Your Pool But Keep Your Utility Bill Down

By Josh

Top 5 Dangers To Your Pool in the South

By Josh

Found a Leaking Pipe, Now What?

By Josh

Top Safety Products for 2017

By Josh

What Could Go Wrong? Mistakes That Destroy Pool Equipment

By Josh

Pool Opening Supply Buyers Guide

By Josh

Reducing Pool Pump Energy Usage

By Josh

Pool Safety For Younger Children

By Josh

Should I Purchase My Pool in the Summer or the Fall?

By Josh

Most Efficient Ways to Heat a Pool

By Josh

Decorative Deck Sets to Accentuate Your Pool

By Josh

How To Install Coping

How to Extend Your Pool's Swimming Season with a Heating System

By Greg

Protecting Your Pool from Algae During the Colder Months

By Greg

10 Swimming Pool Games to Entertain the Kids this Summer!

By Meagan

Pool Caulking Damage: How to Replace or Repair Pool Caulk

By Greg

What is Algae?

By Christi

Pool Chemicals Made Easy, Part Two

By Justin

Working Out Blues - How Swimming Can Be a Fun Workout

By Justin

The Importance of Swimming Lessons for Safety and Health

By Justin

Pool Chemicals Made Easy (Part 1)

By Justin

Automatic Pool Covers – Is It Time to Replace or Can You Keep It?

By Justin

2016 Pool Design Trends

By Justin

Make Your Pool an Extension of Your Home

By Justin

The Ins and Outs of Pool Slides

Steel vs. Polymer Swimming Pool Wall Kits

Extend Your Summer by Heating the Pool

By Justin

Ways To Bring Your Backyard To Life During Fall And Winter Months

By Meagan

Don’t Swim With the Leaves! Why Your Pool Cover is Your Friend

By Greg

Removing Stains in the Pool

By Greg

Breaking the Cycle of Algae Growth

By Greg

Water Gun Games

By Christi

Pool Maintenance Schedules: Weekly, Monthly, Annual

By Greg

Build Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

By Zan

What Should I Use To Build My Swimming Pool Bottom?

By Zan

When to Replace Your Pool Liner

By Greg

What's The Difference in Pool Types? Which Pool Should I Choose?

By Zan

When Is the Best Time to Purchase a Swimming Pool?

By Debbie

The Importance of Knowing CPR Around Swimming Pools

Mid Winter Swimming Pool Check Up

By Greg

How to Freeze-Protect Your Pool This Winter

By Greg

Caring For Your Pool During the Non-Swimming Season

By Greg

Is it Better to Close Your Pool in the Winter or Leave it Open?

Most Common Causes for Pool Pump Problems

By Greg