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What does it mean to become a Royal Preferred Pool Builder?

By Team Royal - Updated On: 08/29/23

At Royal Swimming Pools, we specialize in inground swimming pool kits, with a focus on being the very best supplier of vinyl liner pools in the industry. This specific focus makes a difference in the level of service and knowledge you get since most distribution warehouses assist builders with gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pools. With so many different product lines the challenge many warehouses face is not having experts in any or all areas.

The details and knowledge required to distribute swimming pool kits is now more complicated than ever with high-end options such as vinyl oversteps, sundecks, tanning ledges, benches, and so on. This is where Royal Swimming Pools can help builders.

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In previous years, wholesale distribution warehouses had a Pool Kit Specialist or Package Pool Experts on staff whose sole job was to work with pool builders of vinyl liner pools. Today with most distribution warehouses having very limited support, if not out-right short staffed, and relying on their manufacturers more than ever, professionals in those specialty roles are becoming much less common. Manufacturers are not equipped to service each pool on an order-to-order basis during high-season volume as they’re accustomed to working with truckloads at a time. You can also expect long wait times for quotes, dig specs/panel layouts, and shipping of custom products.


logo 2.1Here at Royal Swimming Pools, we fill a very specific void in our industry's lack of vinyl pool kit experts. We have over 25 years of experience distributing pool kits, one backyard at a time. Our family-owned-and-operated business started in 1987 as a pool service and installation company. However, our business model has evolved over the years and now is very unique as the wholesale distributer for vinyl liner swimming pools online.

We have partnered with the industry's best vendors and manufacturers with our focus continually on the highest quality products with the best value. Our distribution network has allowed us to sell tens of thousands of pool kits all over the country and has allowed us to learn so much over the decades.


Royal Swimming Pool Royal Preferred Builder Program PartnershipUnlike most distribution warehouses, Royal Swimming Pools has its own in-house CAD Department. This means we don't rely on manufacturers and their long lead times for drawings. This is particularly important because, for every inground pool purchased from us, we send a panel layout/dig spec for buyer or builder approval prior to having any custom item made or shipped. This helps to ensure you get exactly what you and your customer intended to order. Once you approve the order, the magic of our unique company really shines.

While our automatic systems are designed to mitigate and eliminate potential issues such as missing or incompatible parts, the true success of our business depends on our highly skilled team of purchasing managers, technical support team, and sales consultants. Every order is individually and personally reviewed by a team member for accuracy.

We are committed to being the experts in our industry and can be found at most national and regional pool and spa shows and educational seminars as a member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. This is the team that goes over your order with a fined toothcomb to ensure quality and customer success.

Furthermore, during the pandemic, we focused our growth efforts on being able to better and more efficiently serve our customers, with a true focus on enhancing our builder's experience. We have: 

  • Hired additional personnel in customer support, sales, CAD design, engineering, and a new VP of Sales, who is designated as our dedicated contact for all of our pool builder customers
  • Invested in our backend systems to not only speed up processing times but also reduce delay in communication by automatically sending customers emails surrounding changes in their order status
  • Opened a larger warehouse and added additional staffing so we did not have to solely rely on understaffed distribution centers to fulfill orders
  • Started personally delivering kits to builders within a 3-hour radius of our Memphis warehouse
  • Partnered with new vendors and suppliers to increase product availability and provide additional options to you and your customers


Royal Swimming Pool Royal Preferred Builder ProgramWith our vast internet presence, we receive calls from homeowners all over the nation looking for a pool builder. These are high-quality, pre-vetted leads that have in many cases have already purchased their pool and are simply looking to hire someone for the installation.

We've found that most great pool builders would prefer to do what they do best and build swimming pools. However, most of their year is spent trying to sell pools instead of building them. This is a major benefit of partnering with Royal Swimming Pools as our referral program is offered at NO cost to builders.

Membership is FREE

Royal Swimming Pool Royal Preferred Builder Program MembershipYes, you read correctly! It’s completely free to become a “Royal-Preferred” builder. The reason is that our goal is to ensure our customers have an amazing experience working with us ... and that includes helping them to find the answer to the most common question we get asked, "who’s going to install the pool?”

We assist our customers to fullest of our ability and that means we want to have recommended builders in every corner of the United States to be able to suggest for buyers.

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With today's technology, you have to be willing to grow with the times. Builders looking to advance their tech cred and step up their game will love how easy we make this for them!

Our Website

Royal Swimming Pool Royal Preferred Builder Program WebsiteOur website is a very useful tool to have on the job site and can provide you with instant pricing on most items and kits. You no longer have to carry a binder full of product pages, then manually add everything up to price most of these jobs. You just use a cell phone, tablet or laptop, build your package, and that's it, the price is there as you make changes to your kit! Our kit building process is designed to not only allow instant pricing but also help ensure that important details do not go overlooked.

We also provide plenty of product options with continuous growth and updates to include new and high-quality items, which helps set your business apart from your typical “cookie cutter” competitor. From an insanely large selection of liner choices, pool shapes, sizes, and just about every type of equipment out there, our options and your choices are virtually endless.

For all builders, a big advantage is being able to provide your customers with custom pools, steps, or anything else that is unique. We love doing out-of-the-ordinary jobs that set you apart from everyone else. If you can draw it, we can build it, and at a good price to top it off. So, go ahead and design that pool to fit an odd shaped yard with an amazing entry and water features, knowing that we can pack and price it fairly for you.


Royal Swimming Pool Royal Preferred Builder Program warrantyAnother benefit of partnering with Royal is that products fail over time. When they do, and you’ve supplied and installed them, you’ve typically provided a warranty of some sort. Warranties through the product’s MFG typically only offer assistance with the part, not the labor. So, you end up spending time for free doing warranty repairs. When your customer buys from us, we handle all of the warranty issues for that customer so you don’t have to!

Warranty repairs don't happen to a lot of customers, so most are happy to save the markup upfront, and deal with the labor cost later IF they have to. Since we keep detailed records of every customer and their products, if an issue should arise we are in place to help them get it corrected as quickly and easily as possible.

Customer Service

Royal Swimming Pool Royal Preferred Builder Program customer supportWhen you’re done building your pool and your customer has questions about their equipment, water chemistry, lighting, or any one of the other thousand topics that seem to come up after they get to swimming for a while, you can leave our contact information with them and we’ll take care of those inquiries. This includes our free technical support to troubleshoot specific products and issues your customers could face years down the road.


Royal Swimming Pools only sends leads to builders who meet the qualifications we require, such as building great pools, having happy customers and those who either purchase pools from us or send the homeowners directly to us to purchase their pools.

We follow up with each homeowner in to ensure our guidelines are being met and our referrals continue to go to the best installers.


We have three primary types of builders that buy from us and we tailor our services to meet each of their needs, resulting in a better buying experience from start to finish. This means when compared to local distribution centers, we offer a much more efficient ordering process, equal or often times better pricing on orders, as well as having answers to all of your (or your customer’s) questions should the need arise.

The White Glove Service Builder

Royal Swimming Pool Royal Preferred Builder PartnershipIf you're the builder that likes to do it allsell, deliver, and build your kits from start to finish, we have several ways to serve you.

For instance, you can either build your kit online and get instant pricing or you can reach out to a Royal Rep with a list of customizations you’d like, have them build you a package, email you the quote, or call you with a total and take payment. The rest of your experience is handled like you’re our customer. You get the tracking updates, dig specs, resources, etc. directly and you still serve as your customer's main point of contact throughout the entire process.

The Handy Dandy Helpful Builder

Royal Swimming Pool Royal Preferred Builder Program DesignSome of our builders prefer to sit with a customer and use our website to help build an ideal package, quote it out, and then let the customer either purchase then and there or on their own time. This is beneficial in several ways. For one, it makes the financial burden of having to take a deposit, wait for a check to clear, and then purchase the products needed a thing of the past.

For many, the retail part of the job is too time-consuming but now you won’t have to handle the product purchasing or delivery. This will free up a lot of your time. You also have the added features of allowing you or your customers reach out to Royal Swimming Pools for their customer service, technical support, or warranty inquiries. You can help when you have the time or you can send customers our way when you’re busy. 

The Builder's Builder

Royal Swimming Pool Royal Preferred BuildersIf you're a pool builder that wants to do nothing but build pools, you will love partnering with Royal Swimming Pools! We have several builders that get a call or referral from someone looking to design a pool, and either send those customers straight to our website or to their specific Royal Rep.

Today, a lot of customers want to do their own research and make their own choices. Being able to talk directly to a supplier empowers the customer to make decisions right for them and their budget. Sure, your average homeowner may not know that 3hp pump doesn't work with that 24” sand filter, but that’s okay because we do. And we'll make sure they do before they make their purchase. We take the time to discuss these items in detail and educate the customer on what works, and what doesn't, so you don't have to.

Once we have discussed all of the options, equipment, and build the customer a package, we can send it to you for your approval to make sure everyone involved has looked it over, and the customer is getting what's best for them, their yard, their budget, and their swimming pool.

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We challenge you to consider if you’re receiving adequate service from your local distribution warehouse. Are you able to service your customers best or is your time being wrapped up in other roles outside of your passion and expertise?

Royal Swimming Pools may be the best supplier for you if you answer yes to any of the questions below:

  • Would you like to receive high-quality leads for free and with no effort?
  • Do you prefer building pools instead of selling pools?
  • Would you like installation technical support from time to time?
  • Are you unhappy with your local distribution warehouse?
  • Would you like help with customer support after a build?
  • Do you want to step up your game for your future customers?

We are confident you answered yes to at least one of those questions. So let us elevate your business and let’s partner together.

Join our Builder program today and become Royal Preferred!

Happy Building!  

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