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What is Included with a Royal Swimming Pools Inground Pool Kit?

By Team Royal - Updated On: 10/15/23

What's included in a pool kit

At Royal Swimming Pools, all of our pool kits come with everything pool related that you'll need to build your backyard retreat! Everything sold separately will be simple building supplies that can be purchased at your local hardware store. After that, it's just a matter of adding water!

Here we'll break down exactly what is and isn't included for your planning purposes!




Keep in mind that the list below includes what comes standard and that you can upgrade almost any item or feature as well as add several on for a truly customized package!

Pump 1.5 HP Pump
Filter 24" Filter
Main Drain group 2 Main Drains
Returns Group 3 Pool Returns
Escutcheons 4 Decorative Escutcheons
Brace A-Frame Braces
Coping 1 Aluminum coping
Anchors Deck Anchors (to make ladders and handrails removable) 
ladder Ladder
Rebar Rebar Stakes
Rope Kits Rope Kit
Skimmers Skimmer
Handrail-1 Step Handrail 
 Liner 3 Vinyl Liner 
Steps Walk Out Step
Wall Wall Panels & Bolts

Again, any of the standard items can be upgraded to suit your pool needs. 

There are many more swimming pool accessories that you may want to include with your inground swimming pool kit in order to create the perfect pool for your family! The most common options are available to add onto your kit straight from the kit builder when you are customizing your pool package. However, if you are looking for something particular that is not listed or have any design questions, reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to look at customizing your pool kit further!

what's included in an online pool kit

Additionally, many pool owners ask us about adding a safety cover, or an automatic cover to their pool kits. These are some of our most commonly ask for add-on items and you can click into each one to learn more about the many options that we have available to you! These absolutely can be added onto your pool kit!

Inground Pool eBook


  • Tools
  • Sand
  • Concrete
  • PVC piping
  • Electrical materials
  • Water

You can find most if not all of these items at your local hardware super store or for adding additional materials to your pool kit (including our popular PVC Piping Kit) click the link below!

what's included in an inground swimming pool kitnline pool kit

Maintenance Options and PVC Pipe Plumbing Kits

There you have it! Everything essential to building your oasis! It's never been easier to make your back yard dreams a reality. 

Additional resources for your pool buying journey: 

what's included in a swimming pool kit

Hopefully, we've helped answer some questions for you on choosing your new swimming pool as well as given you a couple more topics to think more on! However, we'd like to cover a different question now: Why buy your swimming pool from us? What value do you as a consumer get from purchasing your new swimming pool from us? 

The image below covers so many benefits of shopping with Royal Swimming Pools however we want to point out what we're really passionate about as consumers ourselves. What we're talking about isn't our incredible track record of 30 years in the industry. It isn't our ability to create customized items in a way that is simple and easy to understand. It's not even our long list of ways to buy including multiple easy financing options? It's more important that all of that. Because it's about you. 

The three most important items that you can focus on below is how we treat... you. Our team builds real relationships with our customers. If you call in and speak to a sales consultant, that consultant provides support to you before your sale, help with your design,  can assist with your purchase, and ensure that all your pool components line up properly. But it doesn't end there. We provide that same one-on-one support during your installation, if you have any technical, troubleshooting, or even warranty inquiries later down the line, we'll have you covered!

This leads to our high customer satisfaction rating. Yeah, no for real- almost 5,000 reviews here with a rating of 4.8! Want more? See what reviews folks have said about us on Google! If you're pressed for time you can check out some customer feedback below. 

We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers before, during, and after they choose to shop with us. This has led to our high customer satisfaction rating which has been made obvious by the positive feedback we see across multiple platforms. Why buy from Royal Swimming Pools? Because we'll treat you like royalty every day. 

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