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What to Know When Buying an Inground Pool (Free eBook)

By Bill - Updated On: 04/30/19

Considering buying a pool and not sure where to begin? That's understandable. For most of us buying a swimming pool is a once-in-a-lifetime event. And with so much to consider when buying a swimming pool (size, shape, colors, covers, filtration, sanitation, etc.) it can be a bit of an overwhelming experience.

Buying an Inground Pool Free eBookSo, we've decided to make it as easy as possible. With over 30 years of experience in the swimming pool industry we’re here to answer not only the most common questions when it comes to buying an inground swimming pool, but also some pretty important ones that often go unasked. And we've put it all together in one free downloadable eBook.

After all, an inground pool is an investment you’ll enjoy for decades with your family and friends. Let’s make sure you’re confident with all aspects of your design choices, starting with what kind of pool you want.

While much of the information is geared toward what we know best (vinyl liner pool specifics), several topics may still be able to help you get ideas for your pool like what to consider when choosing a pool size, shape, or cover. We'll even go over the pros and cons of gunite, fiberglass and vinyl liner pools so you can be sure to choose the right type of pool for you (even if it's not a vinyl liner pool that we personally love and offer). 

You'll also find some great bonus material at the end, including an inspiration photo gallery and a set of questions you and your family can go through to help design your dream pool.

Ready to learn more about inground swimming pools? Dive on in, now!


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