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Above Ground Swimming Pool Kit Installation and Construction

By Team Royal - Updated On: 10/28/23

Instructions & Manuals

These are general instructions and may not apply to all products. Please refer to your product's installation manual for specific instructions.

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Expandable Options

The 5' deep swimming pool is available for round pools with a Marble Bottom or Blue Illusion pool liner.

The 6-1/2' deep pool is available for round or oval pools (requires a 6' deep liner choice)

Diagram 1
Diagram 2


The swimming pool kit is designed for you the homeowner to be able to install the pool kit yourself which will also give you the biggest savings on the project. Once the ground is level, the pool kit can be installed in one day for a round swimming pool or two days for an oval swimming pool. The pool can be installed semi-inground if you are installing it in the side of a hill or up to 18”-24” set in the ground if you have good drainage to prevent the area around the pool from becoming saturated with rain water. If you have a high content of clay in the soil you will need to backfill with gravel or build a retaining wall to prevent the heavy soil from bowing or even buckling the swimming pool wall. You should use a backhoe or bobcat skid steer loader for the excavation. If necessary you may want to subcontract or hire someone to complete some of the work. As summer approaches most pool installers will have a full scheduled but experience is not necessary to install our above ground swimming pool kits. A handyman or even teenagers can install the swimming pool and usually will charge less than an experienced installer. 

24' Elite Swimming Pool
24' Elite Swimming Pool

15' Grand Oregon Swimming Pool
15' Grand Oregon Swimming Pool

Semi-Inground Pool Construction
18' x 33' during semi inground construction

15x25 with Wooden Deck
15' x 25' with wooden deck

15x30 Oval Swimming Pool
15' x 30' oval Oregon during construction

Round Semi-Inground Pool
24' round set partially inground

Above Ground Pool with Wedding Cake Steps
21' Supreme with wedding cake steps

Supreme pool kit
21' Supreme pool kit

Elite Swimming Pool
24' Elite swimming pool

18x33 Oval Semi-Inground Swimming Pool
18' x 33' oval set partially inground

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