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Keeping Your Pool Clean and Clear with Royal Concentrated Pool Blend

By Team Royal - Updated On: 05/13/24


25# NoBGROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND is a proven water care program that combines simplicity with incredible water quality in a once-a-week application.

ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND is a proactive water program that prevents problems instead of treating them on a reactive basis after they occur.

This specially blended, multi-tasking formula manages swimming pool water while eliminating the confusion, expense, and inconvenience of adding multiple chemicals and frequent water testing.


rsp_poolblend_directionsIt contains a stable oxidizer, algaecide, clarifier, scale inhibitor, water conditioner and balancers (pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness) to keep swimming pool water clean, clear, and trouble-free.

ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND is also compatible with chlorine, salt, bromine, UV and ozone as well as all traditional balancers and maintenance chemicals. In addition, it won't damage your pool equipment and is safe for all surfaces.


BONUS: When paired with Pool Frog, you can reduce your chlorine tablet consumption to 0%! 

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Why choose ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND?Screenshot_20240328-104642_Samsung Internet

  • Reduces maintenance time by 75%
  • Simple, once a week application
  • Reduces the smell of chlorine
  • It's Easy & Affordable!


3-Step Startup

Step 1: Test and Revive!

Take a water sample to your authorized dealer for testing. Treat pool water with Revive (32 oz per 24k gallons) to remove phosphates, metals, debris.

(Note: If algae is present, brush from walls and then shock with chlorine. Wait 24 hours, and proceed.)

Revive Yucky Green or Cloudy swimming pool water

Revive Your Pool Here!

Step 2: Vacuum, clean filter & balance

Once debris completely settles (typically 24 hours), vacuum your pool bottom, thoroughly clean the pool filter, then balance the pool's water.



Add ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND to pool water according to dosage chart found on pail, preferably near a return jet, add sanitizer in accordance with product directions to skimmer, feeder or floater to maintain desired level.

  • Weekly: Add ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND  just once a week.
  • Monthly: Take a water sample to your authorized dealer for testing.
    • *If you're local to Memphis, TN bring your sample to our store and we'll test it for free!

Royal + Sanitizer



Chlorine Demand

Occasionally, traditional chlorination methods are not effective due to contaminants within the pool water, which lead to being unable to obtain a chlorine reading using the same dosage as usual. This is known as 'Chlorine Demand'. We suggest ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND to remedy this.Royal + Revive

Treatment Protocol:

  1. Balance water and clean/backwash filter.
  2. Add ten scoops (5 lbs) of ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND and 16oz of Revive! for every 10,000 gallons of water. Let the pool circulate 24-48 hours without swimming.
  3. After 48 hours, clean/backwash filter again, recheck balance and adjust if necessary, add typical chlorine dosages, Check chlorine readings in 24 hours.
  4. Repeat process if necessary.
  5. Resume normal pool maintenance.

Note: Prior to starting any chlorine demand treatment, test pool for nitrates. If they are >20ppm, draining the pool is recommended.


Winterize with ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND and open with confidence!

  • With one application, ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND simplifies seasonal pool closings and winterizing for traditional chlorine, bromine, salt water or E-Z POOL treated pools.
  • No pre-treating or other chemicals are needed. Just add ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND to maintain water quality, prevent algae, and reduce stain and scale through the winter season.
  • Faster, longer lasting, and more effective than traditional winterizing kits.
  • Won't damage your safety or mesh covers.
  • Perfect for all pool surfaces and in-ground or above ground pools.
  • Makes spring openings faster with cleaner water, which means less hassles AND you'll be swimming sooner!

Winter Dosage: 1lb (2 scoops) per 5000 gallons. For best results, run the pump for 30 minutes prior to closing.Royal Blend Winterize


More Gentle on Vinyl Liners than Shock

Adding shock directly to pools with vinyl liners may permanently damage the liners when granules sink to the bottom and bleach out the liner. For those consumers looking to replace their existing system, we recommend ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND. It is compatible with all pool surfaces and won't damage your liner.

In the event there is an algae outbreak, dose with the appropriate amount of chlorinated shock per the product directions.

Vinyl Shock Replacement

Daily: Follow the local guidelines for your chosen sanitization system.

  • Weekly: Oxidize pool with one scoop (1/2lb) of ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND per 10,000 gallons of pool water.
  • Monthly: Test and balance pool as needed.


ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND formula allows you to enjoy clear, soft, odorless, algae free pool water without leaving residue on your hair and skin. ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND also eliminates confusion about pool chemistry and the need to purchase and use multiple products. Go ahead, make ROYAL CONCENTRATED POOL BLEND your primary water care program.


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