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What size pool should I get?

The BIG kahuna of pool questions: what size? This question affects so many factors when not only buying your pool, but also when building, maintaining, and ultimately enjoying the space you created.
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What Pool Shape Should I Get?

First, you have to know that the options are endless for your pool shape. Choosing a shape essentially comes down to two major points: Personal preference and how much room you have in your yard. That being said, it’s wise to put additional thought into your overall goals to ensure that you are getting the most out of not only your pool but your entire backyard.
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What if an 18-wheeler can't deliver to my address?

By Zach
    Congratulations! You've found your next favorite place to relax at home! You have a new pool, spa, or sauna heading your way! Just one minor detail stands in between you, and your backyard oasis: how is it going to be delivered?
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Mineral Systems: Diving into the Benefits

By Meagan
  First, we must ask the big question, “What is a Mineral System?” A mineral system is an alternative or supplementary means of sanitizing your pool; an important step in swimming pool maintenance. They use minerals, metals, or elements from the natural environment to produce water quality benefits that would otherwise be produced by synthetic chemical systems.
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Why is my swimming pool liner floating?

By Kathy
A swimming pool is a perfect way to cool off under the hot summer sun and bring family and friends together.  Along with the summer sun also comes those pesky rainy days. Without proper care, liners are subject to “float” during the spring and early summer due to excessive rain. But the good news is, there are ways you can prevent this from happening!
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When Disaster Strikes

We were recently made aware of that one of our Royal Swimming Pools customers was a Pool Hero! What does this mean? Michael's pool was up and it was beautiful! And then as fate would have it a natural disaster showed up and made camp in his backyard. What happened next was the work of man who was determined to enjoy his new pool! Here's Michael's story!
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Best of the Best Photo Winner

Today we congratulate Amanda & Jason from Pennsylvania as they've won this week's "Best of the Best" photo, moving them into the running for the Grand Prize which will be announced this September! Amanda & Jason's pool is an 18' x 36' Single Roman with a 4x10 Roman Back Sit n step and a 27 m Bayview blue liner! !
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"Best of the Best" Photo Winner!

Today we congratulate Susanna & Joe from Missouri as they've won this week's "Best of the Best" photo, moving them into the running for the Grand Prize which will be announced this September! Susanna & Joe's pool is an 18' x 40' x 32' L-Shape Pool Kit with a Full Width Step & Sundeck! Talk about reaching your #PoolGoals!
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"Most Creative" Pool Photo!

Today we congratulate Mark from Omaha as he wins this week's "Most Creative" photo, shot form a drone (that's just cool)! Mark's pool is rocking a wedge style pool bottom and the Princeton Silver liner!
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2018 Photo Contest Rules and Guidelines

Summer is here and that means that it’s time for Royal Swimming Pools Annual Photo Contest! The contest is open to all Royal Swimming Pool pool kit customers!  You’ve put in hard work designing, building, and making your pool amazing! Now it’s time to show it off!
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