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Automatic Pool Cover Information, Use, and FAQ

By Greg - Updated On: 01/20/20

These videos should answer most questions you have about using, caring for, or troubleshooting your Automatic Pool Cover. In addition, you will find valuable information about our swimming pool covers whether you are looking to purchase an automatic pool cover or already have one and need assistance.

If we do not have a video to answer your question, feel free to contact us! Let's dive in! 

Getting started with the basics? Begin here!

Got a little but of use under your belt? Great! Check out the below videos. 

Automatic Pool Cover Frequently Asked Questions:

All of these questions are answered in this Frequently Asked Questions video.

  • "Can I walk on my automatic pool cover?"
  • "Is the cover too big?"
  • "If I drain my pool or if water level gets low, should I close the cover?"
  • "The cover is opening/closing crooked, what should I do?"
  • "Should I leave the cover pump on the cover at all times?"
  • "I hear a "popping noise" when I open and close the cover. Is this normal?"
  • "The cover does not open or close when I activate the controller. What should I check?"
  • "Water appears on my cover when it has not rained in days. What's wrong?"
  • "The cover stops half way opened or closed. What should I do?"
  • "The key-switch indicator light is blinking red. Is this normal?"
  • "The cover is completely open and will not close."
  • "The cover pump is not pumping off the water."


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