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The Best Pool Options For Smaller Yards

By Josh - Updated On: 09/26/18

Don’t let the small size of your backyard prevent you from building a pool. In fact, the right kind of pool for a smaller backyard (and there’s plenty to choose from) can turn your common outdoor space into a glorified oasis. Learn about the top three pool designs, specifically for small outdoor spaces.

The Joys of a Small Swimming Pool

When you think outside the (swimming pool) box, small spaces never have to be an issue. A small pool can be the perfect ‘staycation’, or act as the soothing ambiance you need to relax after a busy day on the go. In fact, small pools add a unique flair to the backyard (as well as serving a functional purpose for fun and exercise) that a larger pool cannot.

Relax With the Rectangular Pool

An in-ground, rectangular pool at 9 by 18 feet can be a great pool to add to your outdoor space. It may not be a traditional lap pool, but surround it with LED color lights, flower bushes and a decorative bench (or hammock) for napping, and you’ve got yourself the perfect outdoor spot for rest and relaxation!

The Pool Garden Space

When it comes to small spaces, a little landscape goes a long way. Choose square or rectangular shapes (as opposed to circular or oval) to give the illusion of a larger pool. Create the look and feel of a pool garden, by adding uniform potted trees against your kitchen wall, along with a decorative lounge chair facing a table with two chairs. Do you have room for a fire pit? If so, that’s a great way to keep the party going—and with the relaxing vibe of camping out with friends and family.

The Narrow Pool

Narrow, rectangular pools can serve two important functions: there’s enough room for your kids to splash around and dive into; and the pool is artistically designed to serve as a divider for your backyard---giving your outdoor space a whole new look! Put in some grass by the foot of your pool and design one side of your pool for decorative rocks, a fountain and a lounge area; while the other side of your pool becomes a grilling station, with a decorative bench and fire pit.

No matter how much—or how little—backyard space you have, a pool adds a creative, unique vibe to your lifestyle. All you need is a bit of ingenuity, open mindedness and inspiration, and you can transform your backyard into an outdoor getaway!

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