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The Easiest & Most Effective Pool Maintenance Now Saves Time & Money

By Team Royal - Updated On: 09/16/23

A home swimming pool is one of the most significant investments you can make, second to the home itself. Therefore, you'll want to make sure it's not only swim-ready but in pristine condition at all times to promote that relaxing feeling that only comes from being poolside.  

However, we believe in order to avoid a green or stressfully murky pool, one shouldn't have to work overtime, trying to relax. And luckily, cleaning and maintaining your oasis just got a WHOLE lot easier. 


What We've Been Used To

Your filtration system keeps dirt and debris away from your pool, ensuring your swimming pool is suitable for a splash at any time. 

But, as we know, a filtration system isn't enough on its own. You still need chemicals to regulate the cleanliness of your pool water in order to reduce the risk of micro-organisms/algae from joining your pool party. The main required chemical is known as your sanitizer. 

Chlorine tablets have traditionally been the most common way to sanitize a pool among both homeowners and pool guys and gals alike. It made sense. The tablets dissolve slowly, killing bacteria and viruses, leaving the pool sanitized, and until recently, tablets were also the most cost-effective option for getting and keeping your pool clean.

However, using high chlorine levels leads to that distinctive pool smell, discoloration of swimwear and liners, as well as irritating one's eyes.  All this is on top of the dangers of handling tablets, which are highly compact chlorine chemicals whose dust can cause serious damage if accidentally inhaled or drifts into one's eyes. This is one reason why salt systems (which generate their own chlorine) have been a popular choice for folks not wishing to use tablets in a chlorinator/chlorine feeder or even just a little chlorine dispenser floating around your pool. 

But using chlorine alone as a way to sanitize your pool requires you to constantly test and adjust your pool water regularly since chlorine pools, unfortunately, do not self-regulate. You also need to treat your pool with other chemicals, such as phosphate remover to get rid of algae and pH reducer and increaser to balance your swimming pool's pH levels. The real problem is, it sounds like we already need a relaxing pool day after reading this, don't we? 


Let's get real, your dream of being a pool owner didn't encompass being a chemist multiple times a week. And until recently, that's really what's been required unless you wanted to hire a service company to do that dirty work for you. However, we're thrilled to report that times have finally changed!

Not only can fun-loving pool owners minimize chlorine usage with E-Z Pool and POOL FROG (a huge plus with the recent skyrocketing prices of tablets), but we've found that using these two products together also saves you all the time and stress that traditionally come along with using chlorine tablets, to begin with. Let's cover what each of these items can do for you separately, and it'll be more than clear on what they can accomplish when paired up.

What Is the POOL FROG System?

PoolFROG-Family-5400-NoBAMWhen the inventor of POOL FROG was servicing swimming pools at 16-years-old, he was handling tablets on a regular basis thinking, there has to be a better way. So he created one.

POOL FROG system uses unique, patented ionic catalyst technology to give you clean, clear, and safe pool water. A big part of being hassle-free is that you no longer have to handle chlorine tablets because the chlorine you'll be using comes already prepackaged inside the POOL FROG Bac Pac. This system differs from salt systems because it doesn't cause corrosion, especially on the metal components of above-ground pools.

The POOL FROG system sanitizes your pool in two ways to fight bacteria instead of just one: It uses both a small amount of chlorine (found in your prefilled Bac Pacs) as well as minerals (found in the Mineral Reservoir). This means that you don't use nearly as much chlorine because your chlorine has its mineral buddies to help destroy bacteria instead of being responsible for that job all on its own. 

By using the POOL FROG System, you provide your loved ones with water that's remarkably gentle on their skin, eyes, and hair and still free of party crashing bacteria. POOL FROG makes you feel like you are swimming in a natural, fresh spring versus a chemically treated pool. 

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Parts of the POOL FROG System

The Pool Frog system consists of three main parts:

  • Bac Pacs: This is a small unit that is prefilled with your pool's needed sanitizer (aka Chlorine) and dispenses low chlorine levels into your pool. The Bac Pac is inserted into the...
  • Mineral Reservoir Cartridge: This part of the system holds the Pool Frog's EPA registered mineral formula. The minerals auto-replenish themselves to protect your pool against bacteria and help your chlorine last longer. The Mineral Reservoir Cartridge holds your Bac Pacs and fits inside the... 
  • Cycler: The last portion of your new favorite water treatment center helps regulate how the water flows through both the Mineral Reservoir Cartridge and the Chlorine-filled Bac Pacs, allowing for a slow dissolve and consistent output of both the conditioning minerals and sanitizing chlorine.



Benefits of Frog Mineral System

  • Pre-filled cartridges (chlorine and minerals) eliminate the mess, guesswork, and stress associated with pool care.
  • Requires less than 50% of traditional chlorine usage to kill the same amount of bacteria compared to other pool water treatment systems. It's, therefore, safer for kids, skin, hair, and even your pool surfaces, especially liners.
  • The Mineral Reservoir System can last up to 6 months. That's unlike solely using chlorine tablets that only take one week to dissolve.
  • You only need a conveniently small but mighty 2 lb BacPac of chlorine to last you 2-3 weeks.
    • This length does depend on the pool usage. Which makes sense; have a big pool party with a bunch of folks? Your pool requires more cleaning. 
  • Sanitizer is included in this system which is what eliminates green, slippery algae in your swimming pool.
  • It's easy to use and provides you with consistent and effective water sanitization versus having to constantly test and adjust your chlorine levels. 
  • The BacPac and FROG BAM containers are completely recyclable for the best version of a green pool. 
  • Mineral water becomes sparkling clean and feels softer. 
  • Pool Frog contains silver that destroys bacteria and limestone that absorbs chemicals from chlorine and helps maintain a stable and more neutral pH level in your swimming pool. 
  • It comes with mobile app support

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As you can tell, the POOL FROG system is a truly dynamic and easy choice in sanitizing options. But it is not a complete system. Every pool needs a specific cluster of chemicals, not just the sanitizer. So while POOL FROG can a provide a top-of-the-line easy to use solution, it solves only part of the problem of having to play weekly chemist. That's where E-Z POOL has your back. 

E-Z POOL, in a nutshell, provides everything else that POOL FROG needs to be your complete chemical system. Which is an easy sentence to read, but stay with me as we break down the real depth of what that means.

What Is an E-Z Pool?

E-Z POOL is a specially blended, multi-tasking and patented water care formula that improves the quality of your pool water in a once-per-week application. With E-Z Pool, you finally don't have to rely on multiple chemicals to clean your pool water because it IS everything else you need outside of the pool sanitizer.


E-Z POOL contains products that help keep the pool water clean, clear, and trouble-free. Instead of having to test your water to determine how much of each chemical you need to add individually, you simply test your pool to see how many scoops of E-Z POOL you need to add directly to your water. Here's what you can expect in each E-Z POOL bucket:

  • A stable oxidizer that breaks down contaminants in the water to increase sanitizer effectiveness. As a result, you achieve clean and clear water for your swimming pool and end up needing to use less sanitizer (chlorine).
  • Scale inhibitor prevents scale build-up and metallic staining on the pool surface and equipment. 
  • Algae shield to proactively prevent algae from inviting itself into your pool
  • Water conditioner and balancers including pH, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity

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Benefits of Using E-Z Pool

E-Z Pool offers numerous benefits and eliminates swimming pool problems such as:

  • Reduces pool maintenance time by up to 75%
  • Eliminates that distinct chlorine smell 
  • Eliminates algae problems
  • Requires a simple once-a-week application, scoop and go! 
  • When Combined with its sister-product, REVIVE!, it's the ultimate solution for closing and opening your swimming pool or turning an under-loved pool that hasn't been properly taken care of into a like-new oasis again within 72 hours

Royal Swimming Pools easy pool Maintenance

Here's the big take-away winner for most pool owners: In a simple and easy once-a-week treatment, this proprietary blend prevents swimming pool problems instead of treating them on a reactive basis after they occur, all without having to measure out individual chemicals before you can consider enjoying your pool. 

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Again, this isn't a complete pool maintenance system though, and requires a sanitizer. The E-Z Pool program is compatible with other water treatment systems, including salt, bromine, chlorine, UV, and ozone.  But if you really want to be a backyard hero, pair it with POOL FROG, which provides the missing sanitizer E-Z POOLS needs in its prefilled chlorine Bac Pacs but also has all the benefits of chlorine reducing minerals.  

Using POOL FROG and E-Z Pool to Minimize the Use of Chlorine Tablets

When you pair the POOL FROG system with the E-Z Pool program, you expand on the benefits of each product. The two eliminate the need for additional chlorine usage in your pool while at the same time offering the following advantages:

  • Improving the efficacy of both items in sanitizing your swimming pool while using fewer products
  • Makes the pool maintenance process less time consuming and easier to follow
  • POOL FROG System and E-Z Poll program use minimal chlorine, eliminating the harsh effects of traditional chlorine programs: such as burning eyes, itchy skin, discoloration of suits and liners. 
  • The Frog System prefilled chlorine BacPac sanitizes the E-Z Pool, eliminating the need to buy additional chlorine tablets.
  • The combination makes your pool water softer and gentle on your skin, hair, eyes, suit, liner, and pool equipment. 
    • If too much chlorine can affect your skin despite spending just a few hours in the water, imagine what it does to your pool's equipment. Although the pump, filter, and other pool equipment will withstand exposure to chlorinated water, plastic and moving parts may not have the same resiliency. 

Make it E-Z Here!

As mentioned, using too much chlorine in your swimming pool has a good amount of adverse and costly effects. But when you use POOL FROG to replace the need to add free-standing chlorine tablets, you're minimizing your pool's chlorine usage by up to 50%. Combine that with E-Z POOL which also lowers your chlorine needs, and it's a match made in maintenance heaven.

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Once you decide to use the combination of POOL FROG and E-Z Pool, you get to enjoy the following extra benefits:

  • Extends the lifespan of the sanitizing BacPac to 3 weeks
  • It helps you achieve the safest way to keep your pool 'swim-ready.'
  • Eliminates the need to transport, store, and handle dangerous chlorine products 
  • Minimizes the time you take to clean and maintain your swimming pool to only 5 minutes a week
  • You achieve a stain-free, algae-free, smell-free pool with crystal clear and balanced water without adding extra chemicals.
  • All of this gives you additional time back in your day to do what you want to, not what you have to, in order to enjoy your pool. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to achieve hassle-free pool care without using chlorine tablets or dealing with the harsh side effects that go with them, consider pairing a POOL FROG mineral system with E-Z Pool. 

We hope you've found this guide helpful! If you still have questions or want to learn more, check out our other salt blogs below or give us a call at 866-532-8194.