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6 Tips to Transform your backyard into an Oasis

By Team Royal - Updated On: 02/07/24

An oasis is defined as that gloriously lush waterhole found in a dry hot desert. But you don't have to be in the desert to experience an oasis. After all, an oasis is to a desert like Central Park is to New York. It's a lushly green, vibrant area to disappear into. Have you adopted the idea of having your own oasis to escape to (even if you’re just escaping the less-than-great-indoors or the doldrums of the daily commute)? Good news! Your outdoor area can be ornately opulent without very much effort at all! See our tips to beautifying your backyard!


When we as people really want to escape, we plan a vacation. For most, this term welcomes thoughts of warm beaches, cool river rafting, or lazy hours gently slipping by at a posh resort pool. But with your own private hideaway conveniently tucked in your backyard, every day can be a relaxing stay-cation!  The first step- is to add water!

If you already have a pool- you are MILES ahead of creating this luxurious lagoon! Consider adding an element to your pool that allows you to lose yourself in the soft sounds of trickling waterways. Try some of these additional water features to add to your ambiance:

If you are building a new pool, congrats! You can still add any of the above-mentioned features as well as really customized your build with this theming in mind! Any shape pool will work for the “adding water” element to your backyard however, for a truly organic feel we recommend choosing a curvy shaped pool such as a lagoon, freeform, or even a simple kidney shape. A pool with curves mimics the natural work of Mother Nature-even a spillover spa sitting in the nook of your pool's curves is equivalent to one of her waterfalls.


Depending on where you are, your existing courtyard may not be blessed with a plush tree line resulting in the outdoor space being in the direct line of fire for Mr. Sun. Recall the oasis in the desert and bring to mind that relief of finally finding that bit shade. While planting an abundance of palm trees may not be feasible, you can add shady spots in numerous ways:


If you’ve been wandering the desert for hours, or just had a long day at the office, you need rest! It’s not enough to throw some chairs or patio furniture by your pool. To be relaxed, one must be comfortable! Make sure to create lounge areas that inspire lingering. Buy or make your own outdoor throw pillows. Add one (or several) swings. Make sure to include small tables to put the essentials (like drinks and books) well within reach. Dress up your deck to be a unique destination in and of itself. For the record, you can never go wrong with a hammock.


Give your oasis a sense of privacy for those mid-afternoon cat naps. Fences and lattice are always popular choices. Garden walls give an added layer of plush greenery along with serene seclusion. Add & connect tall wooded pillars and attach billowing curtains made from weather-resistant fabric to add a touch of romance whenever the wind blows. No matter how you enclose your area, you want your private paradise to feel, well, private.


The image of an island of greenery within a sandy desert is iconic. Bring those emerald shades to your backyard with plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers! Friendly tip: Lemongrass is a natural mosquito repellent (you're welcome). Make sure that what you plant can survive and thrive in your environment and climate. Don’t have a green thumb? Try a Grass Wall (added bonus of privacy) with Astroturf-type panels or build your own living wall. Adding foliage will also increase the variety of texture in your new and improved space- creating an area that will always be entertaining on site.


Considering that you’re never going to want to leave your cozy corner of the world, you have to plan for how you’re going to illuminate your setting after the sun dips out for the evening. This will, of course, add to the ambiance your area but also to the safety. Here are some luminosity related ideas for your consideration:

  • Solar Lights & Lanterns
  • String Twinkle Lights
  • Fire Pits
  • Candles (Citronella will double as bug-be-gone)

With these helpful hints tucked delicately in your pocket, you should have a wealth of ideas and inspiration to start transforming your would-be-dream destination into a short-term goal achieving reality.

For more ideas see our Royal Oasis Inspiration Guide!

Happy Designing. Happy Building.

Happy Relaxing.