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HeatWave Sauna EMF Test Results vs. Industry Standards

By Team Royal - Updated On: 11/07/23

What does EMF stand for?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, which are invisible electrical and magnetic forces. Everything generates an electromagnetic field. The natural earth creates one, and so does the human body. You create an EMF of about 10 hertz. Artificial electromagnetic fields are caused by human activities and technologies (from appliances to cell phones to high voltage wires). These EMFs have been shown to cause biological stress.

What are some side effects of too much EMF radiation?

  • Studies have shown EMF exposure above 3 mG will start to develop biological stress.
  • Evidence links prolonged exposure to levels between 3 and 12 mG+ with cancer and possible immune system effects.
  • Exposure to 12 mG suppresses the human hormone melatonin (critical for sleep, mood regulation, and overall health)

EMF and Health Problems

Widely published, peer reviewed scientific studies document the many effects of high EMF exposure levels, from fatigue to chromosome damage that can lead to cancer and other serious illnesses.

How much EMF do pure carbon sauna heaters emit?

Pure carbon heaters emit at about 20-30 mG on contact and decrease significantly as you move away from the surface.

What does HeatWave Saunas do to reduce EMF?

The easiest way to shield EMF is to cover electricity flow with metal. HeatWave saunas use steel conduits around its wiring within the walls of our saunas. On the carbon heaters themselves, however, a metal covering would also block the infrared waves. Because HeatWave saunas emit an insignificant level of EMF, they are left uncovered for maximum far infrared output.

How do HeatWave Saunas compare to other common appliances?

HeatWave Saunas EMFs are at the very low end of common electrical appliances.
Here is a summary of common items in your home and their levels of EMFs:

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5 - 10 mG

Hair Dryers

200 - 400 mG

Vacuum Cleaner

200 - 800 mG

Fluorescent Lights

160 - 200 mG

Color TV

2.5 - 50 mG

Washing Machine

0.8 - 50 mG

Portable Radio

16 - 56 mG

The Industry Average EMF levels for Infrared Saunas:

Peak: 81 mG Average: 55 mG

*Acceptable EMF levels should be below: 3 mG

Readings Directly from HeatWave Infrared Saunas:

Our Center Location Reading
0.8 mG

Our Heater Location Reading
2.4 mG

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