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Above Ground Deeper Oval Pool Installation

By support_rmarin. Initially published 05/01/2018

Oval Deep End Swim Area - angle@2x

Above ground deeper oval pool installation

All above ground pools are NON-DIVING as classified by NSPI standards

Complete steps 1 - 8 of the oval installation manual then complete the steps D1 to D3 below to make your oval deeper on one end or deeper in the middle before going to step 9 in the oval installation manual.

Oval Deep End Swim Area@2x
Oval Deep End Swim Area - cross section@2x
Oval Deep End Swim Area - chart@2x-1

D1 : Use a post hole digger to dig a hole 18" - 20" deep hole directly in from of each side brace that will be on the deeper end of the pool. The hole should be wider as the hole gets deeper.

D2 : Tightly coil the strap back to within 15" - 18" of the hold down plate. As you coil the straps, make sure that you do not allow space between the coils. A tight coil will prevent the strap from tightening and the brace from leaning as the pool fills with water. Tightly wrap wire around the coils to prevent the coil from springing loose.

D3: Put the coiled strap into the post hole. You can put all three straps on each side in the holes for a middle deeper pool or 2 straps on each side for a deeper on one end pool.

Install the pool wall as indicated in the oval installation manual step 9. Use patio blocks or bricks to level the track if needed. Use a string along the side braces to keep them straight.

D4: Mix approximately one bag of concrete mix for each hole making sure that it is not a soupy mix. Use a stick or broom handle to pack the concrete into each hole to fill all voids. Check the side braces as you go to keep the top ledges straight.

Spread sand or sand/portland or vermiculite to cover the pool floor.




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