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Best Ways To Enjoy Your Pool But Keep Your Utility Bill Down

By Josh - Updated On: 09/26/18

There’s nothing like a dip in your pool to cool off from the hot summer heat. But, it isn’t much fun when you get your utility bill, is it? Here, you’ll find our guide to some clever energy bill savers, and some fun pool activities to keep the price of pool ownership down.

Know When to Run Your Pool Pump

If you’re looking for an easy solution to keep your utility bill down, here’s a rule of thumb to follow: run your pump in the evening. In some areas with Time-Of-Use electricity it’s the cheapest time to have your pump on (the most expensive time for using electricity is from 7a-7pm during the week, so try devoting ‘pump time’ to the evening, and reduce your electricity bill!)

Buy Chemicals in Bulk

One way you can save money during the summer (in addition to decreasing the amount of time your pool pump is on) is by buying your pool chemicals in bulk. Many pool stores (such as Royal Swimming Pools) offer specials on pool chemicals at the start of the swim season, as well as throughout the year. In addition, you can save money on chemicals by buying them in bulk. If you plan on shocking your pool once a week throughout the summer, or simply keeping on top of your pool’s pH levels throughout the summer, buying those chemicals in bulk can save you time, money and energy you’d otherwise spend ‘fixing’ the algae or infection that’s made its way into your pool. 

Reduce Wasted Pool Water

Pool water needs to be replenished in several ways, and during the summer, expect more water than ever to be wasted. It occurs through evaporation, splashing, leaks and filter backwashing. Even if you have lots of activity in your pool this summer (hosting a 4th of July party, inviting the neighbor’s kids over for swimming, using your pool as a means for getting fit for the whole family), there are some fun, creative ways you can reduce the amount of splashing and evaporation your pool will undergo. Follow our guide and save money on your utility bill, as a result:

  • Watch a backyard movie.  Have a blast at your next pool party by turning it into a nighttime ‘dive-in’ swim/movie night. You can reduce the splashing activity (saving you money on reduced wasted water) by blowing up all your inflatable loungers (one for each guest), and asking your neighbor to bring over their projection screen. Place a large sheet on a wall, have some snacks on hand, and everyone can hang out in your pool while watching the movie!
  • Organize an underwater treasure hunt. It’s hard to beat an underwater treasure hunt, as little ones will never get tired of looking for buried ‘gold coins’ at the bottom of your pool.  Buy coins and other trinkets in bulk at your local party store, and whichever little guest collects the most, gets the keep the treasure!

The summertime is meant for swimming—but it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on your utility bill to enjoy your pool. All it takes is some creativity, and you (along with your loved ones, neighbors and friends) can splash, play and dive without spending a cent more than you planned on!