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The Perfect Solution for Your Saltwater Pool: PEPPER

By Team Royal - Updated On: 02/05/24

PEPPER® is the perfect pairing for salt water pools. This special blend of select ingredients is formulated to work specifically with the unique demands of salt water pools.

Adding PEPPER® to your pool will enhance water quality, protect your pool equipment, and reduce overall maintenance. When used routinely PEPPER® will increase the salt cell life and performance, limit pH fluctuations, and prevent scale buildup while virtually eliminating the need for balancers and other remedial products. 

Pepper or

Why Consumers Choose PEPPER®

  • Unmatched water quality
  • Reduce your maintenance time by 75%
  • Maximize cell life
  • Virtually eliminate water balance confusion 
  • SIMPLE, use twice per month 
  • Mobile app support
  • 95% Customer Satisfaction

Have Salt? Get Pepper!

Start Up Instructions

For best results, inspect and clean the generator cell and pool filter.

1. Balance pool water (for salt levels, refer to generator instructions).

2. Add PEPPER® directly in front of a jet or broadcast over pool surface with pump running.

  • Initial dose: Add 1lb per 10,000 gallons.
  • Every 2 weeks: Add 1/2lb per 10,000 gallons.

3. Test chlorine level after 7 days and adjust generator as needed. You will find that most generators can be operated at lower settings.

Tip: For best results, test chlorine levels weekly for the first month and adjust the ECG as necessary.

Saltwater Pool care made easy

It's always best to inspect your salt cell prior to starting the PEPPER® program, clean it if necessary. Checking output is especially important on pools with automatic covers. PEPPER® is ideal for covered pools and will help cut down the amount of chemical related problems associated with covered pools.

Here are some additional pool maintenance resources to help keep your pool crystal clear!