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Can I Let My Pool Freeze Over in the Winter?

By Team Royal - Updated On: 11/18/23

It's winter. It's cold and the last thing you want to do is go outside and work on your pool. Letting it freeze over is sounding like a better idea with every degree the temperature drops. But should you let your pool freeze? Or will freezing water damage your pool?

Quick answer: No. Do NOT let your pool freeze.

As much as you might want an ice rink in your back yard, it's a bad idea. Not only can a thick sheet of ice damage your vinyl pool liner, but the expanding nature of freezing water can wreak havoc on your pumps and even burst your pipes - leading to thousands of dollars in damage to both plumbing and decking.

While a thin layer of ice is unlikely to damage your pool, if you live in an area with continuous below-freezing temperatures, we highly recommend you winterize and close your pool at the end of swimming season.

Keeping your pool open all year long is also an option. However, while this option is typically not as expensive or time-consuming as the closing and winterizing process, additional precautions and preparation are still necessary.

Either way. simply leaving shutting down the pumps and letting everything freeze until Spring is absolutely not something you should ever do. 


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