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Doughboy Copper Canyon Swimming Pools Kits

By Greg - Updated On: 04/15/19

The Copper Canyon features a beautiful design. Many call it "As Timeless as the Classics" and rightly so. This beautiful pool will bring an "old-world" elegance to your backyard. Like all Doughboy pools, the Copper Canyon is built in the U.S.A and designed to last! The Copper Canyon is a steel frame pool that has Doughboy's industry leading protective coatings and treatments to keep it safe against all corrosion, rust, and abrasion.

Some of the main features of the Copper Canyon pool include; the choice between a 48" or 52" sidewall, Sturdy 7" resin coated top rails, and 6" resin coated verticals. All this in addition to the standard Doughboy Features!


7" Resin Coated Top Seats ~ 48 " or 52" Wall ~ 6" Resin Coated Uprights


Copper Canyon Features

A Size For Any Backyard - An excellent assortment of pool sizes to perfectly match your backyard.

Round Sizes

12', 16', 18', 21', 24', 28'

Oval Sizes

12' x 20', 12' x 24', 12' x 28', 16' x 24',16' x 28', 16' x 32', 18' x 34', 18' x 38', 21' x 41' 

Liner Exclusives - Doughboy is the only above-ground pool manufacturer that produces virgin-vinyl liner material made to original Doughboy specifications. Liners are available in a variety of decorative patterns.

  • Exclusive "True" Expandable Liners increase pool depth up to 7 feet with an optional Special-Purpose Deep Swimming Area for underwater swimming only.
  • Exclusive Therma- Seal™ Technology. This proprietary fusion method provides superior sealing for maximum durability and quality. Unmatched in the industry. We are so confident with this process that we cover the seams of our liners 100% for a lifetime.

Pool Frames - No one else comes close, Doughboy pool frames are designed to last. The Doughboy frame steel leads the industry in terms of protective layers, coatings and treatments to provide unmatched protection against corrosion and abrasion.

  • Com-Pac™ II Oval Support System. Superior Engineering to maximize your pool. No other manufacturer can provide you with the space-saving features of the Com-Pac™ II.
  • Zinc Clad™ 11000. Hot Dipped Galvanizing and numerous protective coatings for protection and
    corrosion resistance.
  • confused by the "gauge" liners from competitors. Some will call their liner 20 gauge or 20 weight when they really measure only 15 mil in thickness or less.

How to Order a Doughboy Pool

Doughboy Pools are available exclusively through authorized Doughboy resellers, and not available for purchase online. Royal Swimming Pools is an authorized reseller, however, and the sales team in our home office would be happy to help you. For more information on how to get a Doughboy pool, contact our sales team.

Contact Our Sales Team about Doughboy Pools: 

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