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E-Z Clip Liner Installation Tips for H.I.I. by Doughboy Pools

By Bill - Updated On: 01/28/20

When installing a liner in an H.I.I. by Doughboy pool, you may have decided to go with the fan favorite unibead liner. If that's the case, you'll be using their "E-Z Clip" liner technology, designed for simple, yet sturdy, liner installation. As you're installing your E-Z Clip liner, the following information may come in handy!

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H.I.I. by Doughboy manufactures oval pools true to size. The measurement between face of buttress to face of buttress on straight sides will be a bit smaller, however, the bottom rails between buttresses are scalloped which increases the total width measurement of the pool.

In conjunction with the assembly guide included with your pool, as you install your E-Z Clip (beaded) liners please remember the following three important points;

1. Liner Positioning

Be sure liner's bottom edge seam is equal distance to the pool wall (completely around the pool) prior to adding water.

Just because you have the liner inserted into the E-Z Clip Receiver does not mean that you are ready to add water!

It is imperative that whoever is doing the installation take the time to make any necessary liner adjustments around the top of the liner to assure that there is even tension all the way around the pool, and to be SURE that the floor of the liner is centered (both width and length) prior to adding water.Tips for installing your above ground liner

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Once 2" of water has been added onto the pool floor.......that's more adjustments can be made.

Tip/Trick: prior to inserting the liner into the receiver, adding a bead of a dish soap solution into the entire receiver will help the installer when adjusting the position of the liner.

2. Weather

If attempting to install in cool weather (70 degrees or less) the installer needs to take the height of the pool floor and height of the pool cove into serious consideration. If necessary, raising the height of both will increase the level of success of the liner install in cool weather due to the liner not being as pliable as it would be in warmer conditions. 

3. Sunshine

It is proven to be very helpful during the install process to have sunshine on the liner. This increases the elasticity of the liner and will greatly improve the final results of the liner install.

In the Event of Any Problems...

If, for some reason you experience issues with your liner installation, prior to submitting an inquiries, please be prepared to provide good/clear photos showing the distance from the bottom edge seam to the pool wall on both radius ends of pool as well as the straight sides of the pool. They will need this information to determine the positioning of the liner in the pool prior to adding water.