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Energy Efficient Pumps

By Team Royal - Updated On: 10/15/23

Swimming pool energy efficiency has recently been taken to a new level within the industry. With the introduction of multi speed pumps, pool owners are experiencing significant savings on their utility bills.

Energy efficient upgrades can save homeowners up to 30-40%  a year in energy costs. Case studies show on a 17,000 gallon pool a customer was spending $103.55 a month on electricity to run their filtration system.

By replacing their traditional split phase, or capacitor start pump with a energy efficient pump the bill dropped to $53.84 in one month. With those tremendous savings, $596 a year, the pump pays for itself in 16 months!

I don't know about you, but that sounds fantastic to me! After the initial 16 months, that's $2,980 in five years alone! I can think of a lot of things to spend that money on besides electricity! Like more toys for the pool!

I'd like to point out also that this is NOT a rare occurrence but rather the standard.

The United States Department of energy has a energy calculator you can use to determine what you are paying for energy down to the minute. Some of the products we offer that will help control your energy consumption are variable-speed pumps, LED lighting, robotic cleaners, and automatic controls and timers. On top of all the energy & money your saving, your also helping the environment!

Now who can argue with that?

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