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When it is Good to Have a Green Pool

Posted by Roxanne on 4/29/09 5:23 PM

Green is the buzz word now. Everyone is going green, including Mickey Mouse. Just stroll through the Disney Store and take a look around. He is there and he is colored green. There are a few things that you can do to make your pool an eco-friendly green pool. 

Tip #1  There are high efficiency pumps available that will help you to use less energy. These pumps are automated and know when to cut back on electricity, saving the earth and your money at the same time. The high efficiency pumps for inground pools can be viewed here: 

But, if you replace your pump before it quits it is not 'being green'. The idea behind being green is also recycling and not wasting. The green idea here is to keep your current pump, but put a timer on it and run it fewer hours per day. You have to keep it running enough to filter the water properly so that your pool doesn't turn green though. 

Tip #2 For people that have a heated pool, turn on the heater only when you are going to use the pool and use a solar cover to retain the heat that you have already generated.  You may find that you won't have to use the heater as often! Solar covers can be found here: 

Tip #3 Use more chemicals in your pool. Huh? Did she really say that? Yes. Use more than just chlorine in your pool. Check your pool's chemicals as outlined in our weekly maintenance program. Having all of your chemicals balanced will result in less chlorine use. If some of your chemical levels are too high it can prematurely age your vinyl liner that will lead in replacing it too soon and causing waste. Here is a link to our easy to read instructions: 

Tip #4 Close your pool as soon as it is to cold to swim. Closing your pool will allow you to shut the pump off completely and cut chemical use.  Pick your type pool from this link: 

Have a great summer and enjoy your green pool!