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Advantages of Using A Pool Timer

By Greg - Updated On: 05/02/19
Whether you want to make your pool maintenance routine easier, lower your energy costs, help the environment or all of the above, pool timers provide an excellent way to do just that.

Save On Energy Costs

By adding a pool timer, you can cut the length of time you run your pool pump with no adverse water effects and save money. Although it's generally recommended your pool water be filtered at least once every 24 hours, that does not mean the pump needs to be running constantly.

By adding a timer to your pool pump, you can restrict your pump usage to fewer hours of the day, immediately saving on energy costs. For a pool that sees constant use, you may need to run the pump and pool filter for up to eight hours each day - just be sure to keep an eye on your levels and chemical balances.

Extend Pool Pump, Filter and Cleaner Life

Pump timers can also help prevent scale and lime buildups in heaters by reducing their usage.

But a timer or mechanical time switch doesn't have to be limited to your pump! You can also extend the life of your auto cleaner by adding a timer and not running it 24 hours a day, and still keep your pool clean.

Most timers also come with freeze protection for those that prefer to leave the pool operating throughout the winter months. It has a dial that you set to the desired temperature and when it drops below, the timer will turn the pump on to prevent freezing.

Having a timer is like having a mechanical service tech working for you all year long. And with a plug in timer, you'll find it's an easy to install upgrade!

And for even more savings, consider adding a timer to your pool lights so they turn off at night after everyone's asleep.

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