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How to Choose a Swimming Pool Builder?

By Meagan
Finding a reliable pool builder is a huge concern for anyone looking to transform their backyard into their favorite stay-cation destination. The last thing you want is someone who cuts corners, or worse, never finishes the job once they're paid. Unfortunately, this is the reality some people face. We'll cover a few pointers and questions you should ask to help you hire a pool builder with confidence.
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6 Tips to Transform your backyard into an Oasis

An oasis is defined as that gloriously lush waterhole found in a dry hot desert. But you don't have to be in the desert to experience an oasis. After all, an oasis is to a desert like Central Park is to New York. It's a lushly green, vibrant area to disappear into. Have you adopted the idea of having your own oasis to escape to (even if you’re just escaping the less-than-great-indoors or the doldrums of the daily commute)? Good news! Your outdoor area can be ornately opulent without very much effort at all! See our tips to beautifying your backyard!
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When Disaster Strikes

We were recently made aware of that one of our Royal Swimming Pools customers was a Pool Hero! What does this mean? Michael's pool was up and it was beautiful! And then as fate would have it a natural disaster showed up and made camp in his backyard. What happened next was the work of man who was determined to enjoy his new pool! Here's Michael's story!
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Why Do I Need Two Main Drains for my Swimming Pool?

When constructing a new swimming pool, if you are going to use a main drain it is required that you use two. This is due to safety regulations to help prevent Main Trap Entrapment.
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How To Install Your Inground Pool Liner

Installation Of The Inground Pool Liner
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Build Your Own Swimming Pool & Save

When it comes to backyard enjoyment, you’ll have to search long and hard to find anything that offers more summer time fun than an inground swimming pool! More and more people have turned to Royal Swimming Pools for our easy to order, one stop shop, Swimming Pool Kits! Our kits give you the opportunity to be more hands on in every step of the building process with the flexibility of choosing what you do and do not want to tackle on your own; you can hire a contractor, or you can roll up your sleeves for a true DIY project!
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Troweling The Pool Base

When troweling the sand or vermiculite pool base, a minimum of thickness of 1½" must be maintained throughout. Spread the vermiculite out with a flat shovel into roughly 2' X 6' sections. Use a 30'' magnesium Darby or 16" pool trowel to spread and flatten the sand/vermiculite. Get the vermiculite as flat, even, and smooth as possible while spreading the material in several directions.
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How To Install Coping

Putting together an inground pool and need help installing the coping? Our guide on how to install pool coping will help get your coping installed quickly and cleanly.
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Steel vs. Polymer Pool Kits

By Justin
Whether you’re building a pool for the very first time (congrats!) or you’re the designing the custom built pool you’ve been waiting a lifetime for, there’s no business quite like pool business. That’s because when it comes to the wear and tear (and hundreds upon hundreds of hours you’ll enjoy your pool over the years) everything needs to be just right. Which will it be—a steel or polymer pool kit? To determine which one best matches your needs, we’ve broken them down so you can determine the perfect one for your pool.
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Five Reasons to Build a Pool in the Fall

By Greg
Are you tired of heading to the gym every time you want to swim a few laps? Does it seem like a chore to pack up snacks, towels and floaty’s for the kids—just to get an afternoon of swimming in at your public pool? Luckily, there’s a much better way to get your ‘swim on’.
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