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Health Benefits Of Using Infrared Saunas

By Toni

Infrared saunas have become a very popular health trend and studies suggest that saunas provide a wealth of health benefits. Sauna usage (and it's benefits) have become so popular, most spas and gyms offer them to clients. Even better news is you...

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What if an 18-wheeler can't deliver to my address?

By Zach

Congratulations! You've found your next favorite place to relax at home! You have a new pool, spa, or sauna heading your way! Just one minor detail stands in between you, and your backyard oasis: how is it going to be delivered?

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Financing and Payment Plan Options for Inground and Above Ground Pools

Quick and Easy ways to enjoy your dream pool sooner!

With the demand for swimming pools higher than ever, the importance of purchasing early has never been more important. Thankfully, there has never been an easier time to finance your dream...

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HeatWave Sauna EMF Test Results vs. Industry Standards

What does EMF stand for?

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, which are invisible electrical and magnetic forces. Everything generates an electromagnetic field. The natural earth creates one, and so does the human body. You create an EMF of about...

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Infrared Sauna FAQs

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Saunas have been helping people relax and detox their bodies for thousands of years. Infrared saunas use both heat and light waves to achieve maximum health benefits through sweat and releasing toxins from the body.

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How do YOU enjoy your pool?

By Josh

Except for those of you who are located in the Tropical climates, most of us are able to enjoy our pools 3-4 months out of the year.

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Warm Up and Stay Healthy this Winter with your own sauna!

Many parts of the country have experienced winter’s sting early on this year, with temperatures plummeting to record lows, deep freezes, and snowfall having already taken place in October and November. While the first official day of winter does not...

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How To Change The Control Panel In a Heatwave Sauna

By Debbie

A sauna is a great investment for health purposes of all sorts. But what happens when you need to change out the control panel in your HeatWave Sauna? Not to worry! Follow these simple instructions to get back to warm relaxation!

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How To Replace The Circuit Board For A Heatwave Sauna

By Debbie

There are 6 easy steps to change the circuit board in your Heatwave sauna.

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How to Install a Thermostat in a Heat Wave Sauna

By Debbie

Saunas are a luxury item that people have been enjoying for years and years thanks to their amazing health benefits.

However, over time you might need to replace the thermostat in your Heatwave sauna.

This is thankfully an easy item to switch out. 


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