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Go Green With Your Swimming Pool (Not the Color!)

By Team Royal - Updated On: 02/05/24

Everywhere you look  people are going green when it comes to their household purchases. Below are a few options you can use to go green with your swimming pool equipment.

  • Variable or 2 Speed Pumps - can save you up to 90% vs. standard swimming pool pumps and save you hundreds of dollars per year and thousands of dollars over the life of the pump.
  • Cartridge Filters - No backwashing just rinse the filter elements with your garden hose, which saves 800 to 2,500 gallons of water every season. Save up to 92% water on rinse vs. backwash.
  • Color Logic LED Light - It requires 79 percent less energy than traditional light and burns longer minimizing replacement costs and disposal.
  • Robotic Cleaners - Easy to use and operate just plug in and turn it on no tools required. Save up to 94% on energy use vs. pressure cleaners.

Another environmental option for your swimming pool are solar panels. We receive many questions regarding solar panels for swimming pools which we will answer below.

Do solar panels work?

The answer, they do. Solar panels can raise the water temperature at least 10 degrees, we also recommend the use of a solar blanket, when the pool is not in use to help maintain the water temperature in your swimming pool.

Is the installation difficult?

It is not. Solar panels come with simple do-it-yourself installation instructions.

Will I have to buy anything additional besides the solar panels? 

The solar panels work with your existing pool pump. You will need to buy pvc pipe and if you are planning to mount the solar panels on the roof of your house, you may need to purchase a roof mounting kit.

Most inground solar systems  include everything you need to complete most installations, including all the necessary valves, connection and mounting hardware.

Above ground solar systems can be mounted on a roof, mounted to a rack or placed on the ground. Valves, connection and mounting hardware sold separately with most above ground solar systems.

Optional items for solar systems Manual or Electronic controllers Allows control of water temperature. For high wind areas additional mounting accessories may be necessary.

How many solar panels will I need for my pool? 

There are different factors that will determine how many panels you will need. These factors include whether you have an above ground or in ground pool and also the size of the pool. Solar panels are a great cost efficient way of heating your swimming pool and they also can extend  your swimming  season.

Going Green with your swimming pool is not just a hot trend, it will save you money.