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What are Some of the Things That Can Cause Cloudy Pool or Spa Water?

By Debbie - Updated On: 02/07/24

There are several things that can be causing your swimming pool or spa water to appear cloudy. 

Rain, pollen and leaves are common cloud makers when it comes to swimming pool water. However, the more people you have swimming in your pool or relaxing in your spa increases your chances of cloudy water. Here's why-

Personal hygiene or beauty products like deodorants and makeup adds unnatural ingredients to your swimming pool.

Suntan oils or lotions are the biggest outside offenders when it comes to your pool's chemistry. These products create a film on the top of your pool water and can over time break down a liner at the waterline. This results in liner color fading.

Sweaty, oily or even dry skin can contaminate your pool or spa water which along with the above paragraph, is why it's recommended to shower off prior to entering a pool. 

If you have any small children (or drinking adults) urinating in the water, well, yes, that will cloud up your pool as well. 

When you know in advance that you are going to have more than the usual number of people in your pool or spa it is a good idea to add some type of extra sanitizer.

We find it is helpful to make sure the pump and filter are functioning properly. Make sure youI have backwashed the sand filter on your swimming pool and regularly clean your spa filters and replace them when needed.

Cloudy clean swimming pool water

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