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Swimming & Water Aerobics: Great Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

By Johnny Davis - Updated On: 01/20/20

Swimming is an excellent activity for any fitness level, from water wings to Olympic gold medalist.

Swimming is a great option to add change to your workout or spice up your rehab. Swimming is a very healthy, fun and challenging form of exercise and also is a very low impact aerobic exercise.

Swimming is used in pro sports all the time for rehab. Regardless of ability and experience, people of all ages can swim. Swimming is an ideal activity for those who are aging or can no longer bear the high impact and joint stress of running or jogging.

Combined with a healthy balanced diet, a regular swimming routine can help people lose weight as easily as other physical activities, such as running. For people who are overweight, swimming can be one of the better ways to exercise because it reduces stress on the leg joints.

Swimming has the added benefit of providing a total body cardiovascular workout unlike any other exercise.

As with any other physical fitness activity, make sure to consult with a physician before starting a swimming routine.

Swim spas are used by most major professional sports teams and is a great choice for someone in the market to purchase a pool or spa for fitness reason because it combines a swimming pool and spa into one item.
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