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Accessories for Winterizing your Swimming Pool

Posted by Debbie on 9/16/09 9:58 PM

Here are some items you will need to properly winterize your swimming pool. You will need to use a winter plug in each swimming pool return inlet. We also reccommend using a Gizzmo skimmer plug for each skimmer. The Gizzmo skimmer plug is designed to absorb the exspansion of winter freeze-ups in your skimmers. You can find both of these items here

Making sure you use the proper winterizing chemicals for your swimming pool is very important. Royal Swimming Pools offers a Winter Chemical Kit in a variety of sizes depending on your size swimming pool, these can be found here at . We also offer instructions on winterizing your pool at .

Using a winter cover is very helpful, it will help cut down on your maintenance when re-opening your swimming pool in the spring. Our winter covers for above ground pools come with a vinyl-coated cable and a tightening winch.  Our winter covers for above ground pools can be found here . Winter covers for in ground swimming pools  are located here , you will also need to purchase water tubes to hold the cover into place. How many you will need will vary depending on your pool size. We offer a chart that lets you know how many are needed for different sized pools . You will need to keep excessive amounts of water pumped off your swimming pool cover, you can do this by using a cover pump .

Royal Swimming pools also offers top of the line safety covers for your in ground or above ground pools with either a cement or wooden deck. Safety covers are available in both a solid or a mesh material. The solid safety covers are available with a drain panel or a cover pump to keep off standing water, depending on which type you prefer.  If you do not see your specific size or shape pool available here contact us for a quote on a custom made safety cover.