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Nighttime Entertaining Around the Pool

By Roxanne. Initially published 02/27/2009

Whenever we have friends and family over, they always want to see our pool. So, what can you do to make your pool special during the winter months and you can't swim? We are in the south and have a mild enough climate that we can leave our pool ‘open' or operational all year without having to cover it. Having fiber optic lights on your pool gives you soft calming colors that change automatically that will showcase your pool. The perimeter lighting outlines the shape of your pool and they can be synchronized to change colors at the same the interior pool lights change.

Another quick way to showcase your pool, whether it is an above ground or inground pool, is to have a floating fountain. They are inexpensive and easy to install. They also look pretty at night with only a white light on in the pool. If you don't have a light installed in your inground pool, you can define the shape of your pool (or flower gardens) with tealights. You can purchase a bag of 50 for $1 at most dollar stores. Place the tealights in small, clear tealight holders. The candles will burn for 2-4 hours. You will not want to do this if small children or pets will be in the backyard unattended.

If you can, have your patio furniture uncovered and light a small table with an inexpensive white candle. (Place it in a hurricane lantern if it is a little windy outside). Outline a path to the area with cheap tealight candles inside tealight holders. To make luminaries, buy some white bags, place about 1" of sand or pebbles in the bottom of the bag and put the candle holders is the center.

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