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What does it mean to become a Royal Preferred Pool Builder?

At Royal Swimming Pools, we specialize in inground swimming pool kits, with a focus on being the very best supplier of vinyl liner pools in the industry. This specific focus makes a difference in the level of service and knowledge you get since most...

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Oval Pools: To Buttress or Not to Buttress, That is the Question.

All oval above ground pools will require a side support system to support the outwards water pressure pushing on the pool walls due to the uneven distribution of water. This support system will either be a buttress or buttress-free system depending...

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What's Better: A Round or Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Considering getting an above ground pool? That’s great! Not sure what shape you should go with? That’s okay too. While some folks have the luxury of personal preference there are actually a few situations where one shape makes a lot more sense than...

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How Deep Are Above Ground Pools?

By Zach

Some folks find it interesting that not all above ground pools are the same depth. But even more surprising is that an above ground pool can even have a deep end.

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How to Heat a Swimming Pool (Without a Heater)!

By Spencer

Ahhhh, a heated pool. There’s nothing quite as glorious as taking confidence in knowing that when you plunge into your pool you’re not transforming into a polar bear.

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Chlorine vs. Saltwater vs. Mineral System Pools: Pros and Cons

When it comes to pool sanitation systems, there are quite a few options available. The most popular are traditional chlorine and saltwater systems, and mineral systems.But what are the differences between chlorine, saltwater and mineral swimming...

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Is a Swimming Pool a Good Investment / Add Value to Your Home?

By Bill

It's a question anyone who has ever considered building a pool in their backyard has had: Is a swimming pool a good investment?After all, building a pool isn't cheap (though we try to make it as cost-effective as possible). So when it comes time to...

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5 Reasons to Build a Pool in the Fall

By Greg

Are you tired of heading to the gym every time you want to swim a few laps? Does it seem like a chore to pack up snacks, towels and floaty’s for the kids—just to get an afternoon of swimming in at your public pool? Luckily, there’s a much better way...

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6 Tips to Transform your backyard into an Oasis

An oasis is defined as that gloriously lush waterhole found in a dry hot desert. But you don't have to be in the desert to experience an oasis. After all, an oasis is to a desert like Central Park is to New York. It's a lushly green, vibrant area to...

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Top 10 tips for the ultimate pool party

There are so many great reasons to have a pool party! New Pool Party, Beginning of Summer Soiree, End Of Summer Send-Off, 4th of July, Nautical Movie Release, even getting extra excited about Shark Week! The point is that if you have a pool, you...

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