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Pool Maintenance DIY or Professional Services?

By Kathy

Regardless of where you live or how frequent it's used, if you own a pool, pool maintenance is an important factor in having a healthy pool. Maintenance can consist of anything from removing debris, balancing water chemistry, or maintaining the...

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Saltwater Above Ground Pools: A Buyer’s Guide

In recent years, above ground pool owners have been looking for alternatives to traditional chlorine pools. Some are motivated by health concerns since traditional chlorine can cause eye and skin irritation for sensitive folks. Others seek a more...

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Swimming Pool Closing Chemicals Made Easy

While preparing to close your swimming pool at the end of Summer you may be wondering what chemicals you put in the pool. There's an easy way to close your pool for the Winter that even makes opening it back up the following Spring easier and faster!

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Does My Pool Need a Standard or a Custom Safety Cover?

When you own a pool, you have a responsibility to make sure its safe and secure when you aren't using it, and a safety cover is a great way to achieve that goal. Pool safety covers provide a safe and long-lasting covering that prevents children and...

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Pool Safety Covers vs. Winter Pool Covers: Which Cover Should I Get?

Through the winter months, you want to make sure that your swimming pool is properly secured, covered, and protected so when summer comes around again, it's ready for you to clean up, dive in, and enjoy. Many people, however, find themselves...

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Installing an Above Ground Pool with a Sand Base and Foam Cove

Above ground swimming pools require a cove.

"Great," you say—but what's a cove?

Once your pool walls are up and assembled, a cove is material placed against the inside walls of your pool's perimeter that allows your liner to gently cascade down the...

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Avoid Melting Your Pool Liner from Accidental Glare and Heat

While rare, accidental glare and focused heat can cause substantial damage to the pool liner. Damage of a liner can be an expensive repair so take the precautionsnecessary to avoid all damage, even some of the uncommon causes. 

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Can Above Ground Pools Be Heated?

Is the water in your above ground pool a little cooler than you prefer? Or are you looking to extend your swimming season a bit longer into the fall?

Don't think that just because you have an above ground pool you can't enjoy the same heated water...

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E-Z Clip Liner Installation Tips for H.I.I. by Doughboy Pools

By Bill

When installing a liner in an H.I.I. by Doughboy pool, you may have decided to go with the fan favorite unibead liner. If that's the case, you'll be using their "E-Z Clip" liner technology, designed for simple, yet sturdy, liner installation. As...

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Finally! Easy Solutions to Pool Maintenance!

At Royal Swimming Pools we pride ourselves on offering our customers simple, easy, and fun solutions to make buying, building, and enjoying your swimming pool a cool breeze on a warm summer day! And we tackle maintaining your pool with this same...

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