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Inground Pool Cover Installation Instructions

By Johnny Davis - Updated On: 09/10/19

You have your inground swimming pool. You have your pool cover. But now you need to figure out how to install your cover on your pool. The good news is this is a fairly simple process. But following these recommended steps will help ensure your pool cover not only does its job, but also lasts as long as possible.

How to Install an Inground Pool Cover:

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  1. Be sure to buy the right size cover for your pool. You should not stretch your pool cover across the pool in an attempt to make it fit. Refer to the diagram below:

How to install an inground pool cover

  1. Covers from Royal Swimming Pools are made to have rain water accumulate on top of them. This water will not damage your cover. Excessive water can be periodically pumped from the cover, but be sure to leave approximately 1 inch of water to protect the cover from wind damage. Be sure not to place the cover pump on a seam when draining water, as this will cause water from your pool to be drained.
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  1. Royal Swimming Pools covers will accommodate a maximum 18 inch water drop below the top edge of your pool. If you normally drop your water more than 18 inches, you should order a larger size cover. Refer to diagram 1 for proper fit.
  1. Do not use bricks or sharp blocks to weigh your cover down. Royal Swimming Pools recommends using water tubes for in-ground pools.
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  1. If you tie your cover to a fence or other permanent structure, be sure to use a flexible bungie cord. This will allow the cover to shift as snow and ice accumulate without pulling out the corner tabs or straps. Water tubes must still be used.

Tip: Remember to include your step when ordering your pool cover by size!

(Royal Swimming Pools covers accommodate an 18-inch water drop.)

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