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What do the settings on my Sand Filter do?

By Debbie - Updated On: 01/20/20

A sand filter uses a multi-port valve to operate the filter which removes dirt, algae and visible contaminants that enter a swimming pool. You must operate the filter system at least eight to twelve hours per day in order to remove wastes effectively.

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The functions are as follows:

Filter: Use for normal filtration or vacuuming the pool.

Backwash: Is used to clean filter sand. Turn pump off, set multi-port valve to backwash, restart pump for several minutes or until site glass shows clear water. Then rinse filter.(see Rinse below).

Rinse: To clean water inside filter tank. Turn pump off, set multi-port valve to rinse, restart pump and run clean water through the  system for one minute. This process should also be done every time filter sand is added or replaced.

Waste: Use for vacuuming heavy concentrations of dirt directly to waste. This action bypasses the filter bed. It also can be used to lower the water level or drain the pool to the bottom of the skimmer.

Closed: Use for shutting off the flow to the filter and pool. Make sure your pump is off when using this function.

Winter: Used when closing a pool in areas especially where water can freeze. Be sure to remove all drain plugs from pump and filter system. Winter plugs can be stored in pump basket for safe keeping until spring. Pump and filter must be completely drained as expanding water can cause damage and is not covered under warranty

Re-circulate: Use for bypassing the filter tank. It is useful during extended periods away from the pool. This function permits automatic chlorinating systems to maintain proper chlorine levels while eliminating concern over pressure build-up in the filter. This also works well if your sand filter tank is leaking or has cracked.

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