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What Kind of Inground Pool Should I Get

By Debbie - Updated On: 04/26/19

When someone decides to get an inground pool for their yard, the first thing to decide is what type of pool.  You can choose between a gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl liner pool. All three choices come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

While the different types of in ground pools have many differences, one of the biggest is the cost. A gunite/concrete pool is the most expensive to install and will require a professional pool installer. A gunite pool will last a very long time but the surface may need to be re-plastered or painted every 10-15 years.

A fiberglass pool will also require a professional installer. The advantage of a fiberglass pool is the ability to install it quickly. Fiberglass pools are limited in the size and shape. A fiberglass pool is subject to staining and cracking and can never be drained without the proper equipment.

Vinyl liner in ground pools have become very popular over the last 50 years with professional pool builders and do-it-yourself homeowners as well. You can call your local pool builder for a turn key pool project or purchase a pool kit and build it yourself and save money. You can build a vinyl liner swimming pool to any size or shape with all the options like a diving board, lights, and even a spillover spa for a fraction of the cost you would spend for a gunite swimming pool.

If price is a determining factor on your choice of pool, then a vinyl liner swimming pool is the way to go. Another advantage to getting a vinyl liner swimming pool is that when you do have to replace your vinyl liner after 7-12 years; if you choose a different liner pattern it looks like you have a completely different pool.  There are a variety of different liner designs and colors available.


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