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The Importance of Swimming Lessons for Safety and Health

By Justin - Updated On: 04/26/19

It doesn’t matter what age you may be—swimming lessons can benefit anyone, at any stage. Did you just install a pool, and concerned about your toddler getting just a little too curious about the deep end? Enroll them in swimming lessons, and enroll yourself, as well! When it comes to pool ownership, there’s nothing more important than the safety of your loved ones. Make it a family affair, and grow stronger together…thanks to the many benefits swimming lessons can provide.

Swimming Lessons Teach Your Children Water Safety

No matter what age they may be, each child is vulnerable and susceptible for injury (or worse) around water—but that risk is dramatically reduced when a child has taken swimming lessons. As he/she starts learning how to doggy paddle, swim independently and dive into the deep end, their confidence will soar. They’ll be encouraged to become strong, and stay fit and active (which will help prevent risk of obesity and diabetes.)

Most of all, swimming lessons will allow your children to be safe near and around water. It’s a life skill they will take with them forever, and one that will give you peace of mind that you’ve raised a strong swimmer, with a healthy confidence level—all thanks to lessons in their childhood.

Swimming Is Great for Physical Therapy

One of the most common pitfalls that can affect good health is the aftermath of an injury. Whether you sustain a shoulder, back or knee injury while working out or on the job, the recovery time can be weeks, or months. Once you’re up and moving again (but your body isn’t quite ready to get back to your daily runs on the treadmill) consider aquatic fitness the best way to keep your workouts in motion.

Swimming lessons are the perfect form of physical exercise because it allows you to keep your metabolism in high gear without any of the risk that comes with traditional, on-land workouts. In addition, physical therapy based swimming lessons will allow you to alleviate sore muscles, reduce stress (an injury can be a real stressor), improve your mood, and keep you on track for each and every one of your fitness goals WHILE you recover.

Swimming is Strength Training at Its Finest

Pick a stroke, any stroke—because the fact of the matter is, swimming lessons (whether private or group lessons) are a powerful method for increasing strength from head to toe. Whether you’re a fan of the butterfly, or you prefer the side stroke, you’re getting the best resistant exercise you could get (and without the hard impact that running, climbing stairs or lunging will give you.) You’re strengthening your shoulder, arm, glutes, core and leg muscles with each stroke! Swimming is so powerful, because you’re exercising through water, which is over ten times as dense as air is. Talk about a satisfying workout! In addition, swimming lessons are an added bonus for women who are post-menopausal (with studies showing that it actually works to promote bone strengthening.)

Whether you take just a few swimming lessons during the summer, or have ongoing lessons throughout the year, swimming lessons are the perfect workout for the mind and body. After it’s over, come home to your beautiful, relaxing pool and practice what you've learned!

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