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Should I Purchase My Pool in the Summer or the Fall?

By Josh - Updated On: 05/06/19

When to Buy a Swimming PoolNo matter what your lifestyle may be like (from a house full of kids, to a life always on the go), a swimming pool has you covered. Here’s why: whether you want to burn calories, have fun or develop an easy way for quality ‘family time’, a pool is your all-in-one entertainment center, gym, and oasis. So, the question remains: should you purchase it in the summer or fall? Keep reading to learn the perfect time to purchase the investment of a lifetime!

Got Your Budget Figured Out?

It’s no secret: purchasing a pool is a time commitment, physical commitment (you need the space for a pool), and a financial commitment. If price is a factor, then it’ll be important to get the most ‘bang for your buck.’ That being the case, fall is a fantastic time to purchase your pool! In fact, there are two benefits of a pool purchase in the fall. Number one, prices won’t be as high, and number two, the installation will be a faster process due to pool builders not being as busy (thanks to the off-season!)

Many people choose to wait until the warmer months hit to purchase a pool, as it’s ‘too cold’ to use it in the fall. Just ask yourself: “Is it really?” (The truth is, there are many affordable ways to heat a pool so you can begin swimming right when you install it!)

The Benefit of a Pool Purchase in the Spring and/or Summer

An important thing to keep in mind about purchasing during the summer is that the warmer it becomes, the more expensive a pool installation becomes. The benefit is that waiting for spring or the summer to install your pool gives you more time to determine which type of pool (in-ground vs. above ground) is best for you and your family, as well as the means to enjoy it right away! Before you choose when to purchase yours, here are some other questions to consider:

  • Have I been referred to a reputable pool builder? (The more experienced a pool builder is, the easier of a process installing your pool will be. Taking the time to be referred to a good one will save you a headache (and added cost) down the road.
  • How big of a pool do I want? There are many variations when it comes to pools, such as size, cost, and amenities. Knowing what you want is key, so don’t be afraid to take the time to reflect on the perfect type of pool for you. Check out our in-ground and above-ground pool selection!

When it comes to purchasing a pool, timing is often everything. Remember that pool prices will fluctuate depending on the season, so don’t rush the process. Take your time, ask questions and feel great about the fact that your investment will give you years of enjoyment, good health and connection with your loved ones!