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The Ins and Outs of Pool Slides

By Team Royal - Updated On: 11/09/23

From the memories of the playground to your own backyard swimming pool, for hours and hours of fun and enjoyment, a slide is a great addition to your swimming pool.
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If you are building a new pool and decide you want a slide, this is quite easy because you would install the slide while doing in the installation. Sometimes you decide you want a slide, but cannot afford it at this time. You can have the plumbing set up to add a slide and when you have the money, you can just add the slide. If you move into a home that has a pool and decide you want to add a slide, that is not a problem either.

Before you rush out and buy a pool slide, you will want to do a little research. Check your local codes; slides in your region may be prohibited, or only certain types may be allowed. Check the footprint of the slide you are interested in. The footprint is how much space you need to install the slide legs and ladder. You need to make sure you can use the slide you choose on your pool, in terms of it’s footprint, and your water depth. Each slide also has its own weight capacity, from 200-275 lbs, which could be an important factor.

There are a few different slide categories, based on how they are attached to the deck. Here is a couple to start off with. The Straight leg slides , these slides have an open or closed stairway. The molded slide leg, These slides have enclosed stairways, rather than the traditional open ladder, which is generally safer for kids. Pedestal leg slide these slides have a rounded molded mount base on which to mount the slide, sometimes requiring less deck space to install.
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Before you can choose a slide you need to see how much room you have to place the slide. Each slide has a different footprint (amount of deck space needed for installation).

WATER DEPTH: Basically, slides must be installed over a water depth of 36 inches, which quickly drops to 42-54 inches. All slides have different specs, but most Water Safety Envelope requirements will require the slide be installed on one of the long sides of the pool, in the mid-depth section of the pool, between the shallow and deep end. It can’t be too shallow, or too deep. Read the spec sheet for each pool slide you are considering, to find exact depth measurements.

Each slide also has a unique Water Safety Envelope. This includes how deep the water has to be at the end of the slide, how much overhang on the edge of the pool, and how much clearance (and depth) is required in front of the slide exit. This is the space in front of the slide exit – the overhang of the slide deck, the depth of the water at the point of entry. The water safety envelope is very important to follow to make sure that the slide is installed safely to reduce the chance of injury. Be sure to read the placement information carefully before ordering a pool slide, as each slide has it’s own restrictions on where it can be placed on your pool.

No doubt about it, pool slides take up a lot of room – a large footprint. Also consider the traffic to and from the slide. It should be roomy enough for several people to safely line up. The deck surface should be non-skid and well drained.
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When installing a slide, first read the installation manual and the owners manual for the slide. Once you taken some deck measurements and calculated the near exact position, you can assemble the slide. Each slide is a little different to construct, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The way a slide attaches may be a little different. For the most part you mark where you are going to place slide, using a measuring tape and chalk or paint. Before drilling any holes, double check all measurements for the overhang of the flume or lip of the slide. You may have to rent some of the tools if you do not have them.

Now that you have a better idea of a slide for your swimming pool and how easy it can be to install. Lets start with the fun and memories it will bring to your back yard and swimming pool. 




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