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What is the Best Mesh Safety Cover for My Pool?

By Johnny Davis - Updated On: 09/10/19

Pool safety covers can come in a variety of different "mesh" styles, each of which are of different quality and cost. We carry three types of mesh safety covers; standard Mesh, commercial mesh, and super mesh.

Standard Mesh Safety Covers

Standard mesh covers are durable, long-lasting and are strong enough to support your entire family, yet light enough to put on or remove from your pool in five minutes or less. Standard mesh covers have a 12 year warranty and are the least expensive safety covers. Available in Blue or Green.

Standard Mesh Safety Cover

Standard Mesh  

Standard Mesh Safety Covers can also be referred to as 12 Year MeshThis type of cover is the most affordable of safety covers. 

This safety cover is recommended for pools in Winters climates that do not have heavy snowfall. Also, for people wanting to do the bulk of their maintenance in the Spring.

  • Best value safety cover
  • 89-91% UV blockage
  • Lightweight for easier installation and removal

Standard Mesh Safety Cover

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Super Mesh Safety Covers (HD or High Shade)

Super mesh covers are the finest mesh safety cover you can buy – period! Super Mesh fabric is made from very tough strands, making it stronger than standard mesh material and better able to withstand heavy snow loads and extreme wind.

Super Mesh (also known as HD or High Shade) tightly woven fabric provides two levels of protection. Since this tight weave provides almost total shade, the suns algae producing rays do not enter the water, leaving your pool virtually algae-free in the spring. This super tight weave allows water to seep through the cover, but filters out all but the finest debris. Since almost not dirt or debris gets into your pool, spring opening is quicker, easier and requires fewer chemicals. Available in green or blue. 20 year warranty.

Super Mesh Safety Cover

Super Mesh 

High Shade Mesh Covers can also be referred to as Super Mesh or 20 Year Super Mesh. This type of mesh safety cover is higher quality and high UV blockage.  This cover type has a tighter weave that blocks 99% of sunlight making it less likely for algae to grow. This results in an easier Spring cleanup than with a standard mesh safety cover.

This safety cover is best for mild to moderate Winter climates that experience moderate snowfall. Also, for people wanting to do the bulk of their maintenance in the Spring.

  • Blocks 99% of the sunlight to inhibit algae growth.
  • Strong and lightweight for easier installation and removal
  • Most popular mesh safety cover nation-wide

High Shade Mesh Safety CoverShop Super Mesh Safety Covers


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