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Ways To Bring Your Backyard To Life During Fall And Winter Months

By Meagan - Updated On: 12/13/23

While some get to extend their swimming season with pool heaters and spas, there are now other great ways to enjoy your backyard once your pool is closed! Here are some ways that we've found to make family time in the comfort of your backyard more enjoyable.

  1. No matter the weather, there's nothing better than getting the family together to enjoy some delicious grilled foods. With this unique KARA grill, not only do yo have an awesome, one of a kind, piece to talk about but you are also getting to eat food that has been cooked to perfection. This amazing grill has 400 square inches of cooking surface, stainless zinc-coated steel, a special rack to get it off the flames but keep it hot for serving, easy to clean surface, AND a 2 year warranty. Get yours and enjoy it for years to come. The price? $7,300. It's worth every penny!
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  2. Outdoor games are always a great way to bring the kids and family together. How about something great for the adults to enjoy? Check out this lighted outdoor billiards table. It comes with two graphite cues, Billiard balls, triangle, and outdoor cover. It's height, width, and length is 32 x 52 x 92. The price? $3,750. It's perfect for once it gets late and the children are asleep. Who wants to rack?!
  3. How many of us have ever gone outside to socialize with friends or family and plugged up one of those annoying space heaters? Well now there is a much more modern and awesome approach. Check out these HOTDOOR infrared lamps by PharmaLab. They look just like regular lights but will guarantee to keep you nice and toasty.
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  4. Another item that is always popular, especially during the winter, is fire pits. We all love to gather together and roast marshmallows to make s'mores. Here is just another cute idea to personalize your own.
  5. Now for something that is more for looks but also lights up the party area. Check out these glowing umbrellas! Your backyard could look more like a vacation get away just like that.
  6. The kids are going to love these! Add some of these to your backyard for extra seating and ultimate comfort.
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  7. A lot of the times, some of our family members or friends bring all the entertainment you may need when they show up to your home. Here is something that everyone can enjoy....quietly. An Inflatable Backyard Theater, operates with front or rear mounted projector and speakers. Your own little drive in movie. During the summer you can float in the pool and enjoy your favorite movie all at once!
  8. Even though this next item may not be used until next year, I couldn't resist and I must share. REMOTE CONTROL DRINK FLOAT. YES! Now you can serve the guest in your pool with ease. This awesome little gadget holds five drinks plus snacks on the tray. The remote control has a 25 ft range. Pretty awesome huh?
  9. Last, but not least, here is a little something to protect all of our electronic devices. Again, you probably won't be needing this until next year but it may still come in handy on other occasions. An Electronic Protection/Phone Dry Case by Dry Corp LLC.

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