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Exciting, WARM Indoor Activities!

By Greg - Updated On: 01/17/20

The extreme cold this winter has everybody searching for ways to stay entertained. All outdoor activities have been suspended for, as many of us feel, too many freezing, snowy days! We’re trying hard to keep the cold out, and bring the fun indoors! So, while your pool season plans are probably on hold, read on for information about how to stay active and have some fun, while staying warm indoors!

One very popular game table over the past few years has been the Triple Threat 3-in-1 Flip Table, a game table full of fun activities! This table holds billiards, table tennis, and air hockey. The switch between games is simple and easy with the Triple Threat’s easy latch-locking system. Simply pull on the latches located on the ends of the table to unlock it, and flip it 180 degrees to access air hockey or billiards! Table tennis is also an easy set up. The table topper, which consists of a two-piece surface complete with net, fits directly on top of the billiards table. Clear the cue ball and sticks, place the table tennis topper over it, and get ready for ping pong! These simple set-ups make for endless hours of entertaining indoor fun, safe from the blistering cold!


Another unique element to the Triple Threat Flip Table is that all accessories are included; everything from the billiards balls and cue sticks, to air hockey pucks and strikers, down to table tennis balls and paddles. Built-in to this game table is a storage space for the table tennis topper and accessories found directly underneath the billiards and air hockey table, in addition to storage for all air hockey and billiards game table accessories. Keep your game room organized and compact, making use of these great features! This game table is even equipped with rubber pockets for the billiards table, to make for a quieter gaming experience, and a plug-in for the air hockey table, which is UL listed. With all of this equipment and other unique features readily available, the fun can begin the minute your table arrives!

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