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Oval Pools: To Buttress or Not to Buttress, That is the Question.

All oval above ground pools will require a side support system to support the outwards water pressure pushing on the pool walls due to the uneven distribution of water. This support system will either be a buttress or buttress-free system depending...

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What's Better: A Round or Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Considering getting an above ground pool? That’s great! Not sure what shape you should go with? That’s okay too. While some folks have the luxury of personal preference there are actually a few situations where one shape makes a lot more sense than...

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8 Key Considerations When Designing a Family Pool

Not all private pools are built alike and we're not just talking about rectangles versus kidney shapes here. Each homeowner builds a pool for their own specific reasons and the design of their pool will reflect ultimately that. Some people want that...

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How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

IMPORTANT INTERRUPTION:  Due to the rise in demand caused by the pandemic, pools and pool equipment/supplies, in general, are experiencing long delays in manufacturing and shipping. If you are looking to buy a new pool in the next couple of years you...

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How much does it cost to install an Inground swimming pool?

What a great question! Truth-be-told though, asking how much it costs to build a swimming pool is kind of like asking how much it’s going to cost to build a home. There is no real one-size-fits-all answer as costs are dependent on so many different...

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Pool Base Materials: Portland, Vermiculite, and Pre-Mix Pool Krete

I know, I wish we could just lay the liner down and call it a day but every swimming pool needs to have a base. The purpose of the swimming pool base is to provide a smooth surface for the pool's liner. A smooth surface is less abrasive on the liner...

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How Deep Are Above Ground Pools?

By Zach

Some folks find it interesting that not all above ground pools are the same depth. But even more surprising is that an above ground pool can even have a deep end.

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How to Heat a Swimming Pool (Without a Heater)!

By Spencer

Ahhhh, a heated pool. There’s nothing quite as glorious as taking confidence in knowing that when you plunge into your pool you’re not transforming into a polar bear.

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Inground Pool Steps: The Detailed Basics

There are several ways to get into a swimming pool; for inground pools with deeper depths especially- slide, dive, or belly flop, the choice is yours! But you have to allow swimmers a safe and easy way to exist the pool. For that you need at least...

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Top 3 Tips For an Epic New Year's Eve Poolside Party!

There are popular party topics like what to serve for sips and nibbles and what theme to shower your guests with (NYE is all about the confetti btw so think bio-degradable if outside); but here we want to focus on utilizing your backyard space...

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