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    Swimming Pool Safety Tips

    By Debbie
    Swimming can be a wonderful and relaxing activity on a hot summer day. However, it can also be a real danger. Every year, drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional death in children under 14. Even people that know how to swim well can drown, so it is important to always follow safety rules before getting in the water. Help ensure a fun and safe summer by obeying safety rules around the water.  
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    Ways to Save Water in Swimming Pool

    There are many ways to save water such as safety covers, chemicals, maintenance, and proper installation. Safety covers can reduce evaporation from 90% - 95%. There are two different types of safety covers: mesh and solid. A mesh cover will let rainwater run through to help replenish the lost water. A solid cover will let the rainwater runoff onto the deck and into the grass with the use of an automatic cover pump. Anyone of these safety covers will reduce wind which will reduce evaporation. An automatic safety cover can be removed with the turn of a key. The use of a solar blanket will also prevent evaporation.
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    How to Find Leaks in Vinyl Lined Pools

    Finding a Leak in your vinyl pool can be a difficult task but we have some steps to follow that will make it much easier to find out if you have one!
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