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Is It Safe To Bury an Above Ground Pool?

There are so many reasons someone may be interested in the idea of burying an above ground swimming pool.

  • A sloping/rolling/rocky yard that cannot accommodate a traditional inground structure
  • An existing deck that needs to be level with the pool...
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Preparing Your Pool for Warm Weather Festivities

Warm weather is officially here! Is your pool area ready for all that comes with Summertime entertaining? Now’s the time to assess your space and determine how to improve it in time for graduation parties, family reunions, holidays, and good...

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Understanding Bonding and Grounding for Swimming Pool Equipment

If you're a pool owner, it's essential to make sure your pool equipment is properly grounded and bonded to keep your pool safe. However, for many people, this is one of the most puzzling aspects of pool construction.

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How to (Properly) Measure Your Swimming Pool for a Safety Cover

Pool covers are an essential piece of pool equipment that protects your pool when you aren't using it. When the weather is too cool to swim or if you have a pool on sometimes unoccupied property, a pool cover protects your pool by keeping it both...

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Does My Pool Need a Standard or a Custom Safety Cover?

When you own a pool, you have a responsibility to make sure its safe and secure when you aren't using it, and a safety cover is a great way to achieve that goal. Pool safety covers provide a safe and long-lasting covering that prevents children and...

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Pool Safety Covers vs. Winter Pool Covers: Which Cover Should I Get?

Through the winter months, you want to make sure that your swimming pool is properly secured, covered, and protected so when summer comes around again, it's ready for you to clean up, dive in, and enjoy. Many people, however, find themselves...

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Mesh vs. Solid Safety Covers: Which Type Is Right for My Pool?

Choosing the inground swimming pool safety cover that's best for your pool doesn't have to be a complicated process. The safety cover you choose will greatly depend on when you want to do the maintenance work. Would you prefer to do a little...

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8 Key Considerations When Designing a Family Pool

Not all private pools are built alike and we're not just talking about rectangles versus kidney shapes here. Each homeowner builds a pool for their own specific reasons and the design of their pool will reflect ultimately that. Some people want that...

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When is a safety cover no longer safe?

By Kathy

Safety covers are proven to be one of the safest and family friendly covers in the industry, whether traditional for seasonal safety or automatic for daily safety. Even though the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) sets performance...

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What Size Swimming Pool Should I Get?

The BIG kahuna of pool questions: what size? This question affects so many factors when not only buying your pool, but also when building, maintaining, and ultimately enjoying the space you created.

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