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What does it mean to become a Royal Preferred Pool Builder?

At Royal Swimming Pools, we specialize in inground swimming pool kits, with a focus on being the very best supplier of vinyl liner pools in the industry. This specific focus makes a difference in the level of service and knowledge you get since most...

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When Should You Buy a Semi-Inground Pool Instead?

IMPORTANT INTERRUPTION:It's important to shop early. Many pool builders are booked 3-12 months out presently. The best plan you can have is to purchase your pool at least 2-6 months before you'd like to start building and even then, the more...

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8 Key Considerations When Designing a Family Pool

Not all private pools are built alike and we're not just talking about rectangles versus kidney shapes here. Each homeowner builds a pool for their own specific reasons and the design of their pool will reflect ultimately that. Some people want that...

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How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

IMPORTANT INTERRUPTION:  Due to the rise in demand caused by the pandemic, pools and pool equipment/supplies, in general, are experiencing long delays in manufacturing and shipping. If you are looking to buy a new pool in the next couple of years you...

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How much does it cost to install an Inground swimming pool?

What a great question! Truth-be-told though, asking how much it costs to build a swimming pool is kind of like asking how much it’s going to cost to build a home. There is no real one-size-fits-all answer as costs are dependent on so many different...

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How to Measure and Order a Replacement Vinyl Pool Liner

Over the lifespan of your pool, you may need or want to replace your vinyl liner. This is a great way to instantly change the look of your pool and give it a quick face lift. But the most important way to ensure your replacement liner installs...

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Pool Base Materials: Portland, Vermiculite, and Pre-Mix Pool Krete

I know, I wish we could just lay the liner down and call it a day but every swimming pool needs to have a base. The purpose of the swimming pool base is to provide a smooth surface for the pool's liner. A smooth surface is less abrasive on the liner...

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What to Know When Buying an Inground Pool (Free eBook)

By Bill

Considering buying a pool and not sure where to begin? That's understandable. For most of us buying a swimming pool is a once-in-a-lifetime event. And with so much to consider when buying a swimming pool (size, shape, colors, covers, filtration,...

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How to Heat a Swimming Pool (Without a Heater)!

By Spencer

Ahhhh, a heated pool. There’s nothing quite as glorious as taking confidence in knowing that when you plunge into your pool you’re not transforming into a polar bear.

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Inground Pool Steps: The Detailed Basics

There are several ways to get into a swimming pool; for inground pools with deeper depths especially- slide, dive, or belly flop, the choice is yours! But you have to allow swimmers a safe and easy way to exist the pool. For that you need at least...

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