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How To Read Your Swimming Pool's Dig Spec

Dig specs are the accurate drawings of your swimming pool plans, much like a blueprint. The Dig Spec has to be approved prior to moving forward with your swimming pool order in order to confirm that you are happy with the planned placement of...

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How to (Properly) Measure Your Swimming Pool for a Safety Cover

Pool covers are an essential piece of pool equipment that protects your pool when you aren't using it. When the weather is too cool to swim or if you have a pool on sometimes unoccupied property, a pool cover protects your pool by keeping it both...

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Can I Let My Pool Freeze Over in the Winter?

It's winter. It's cold and the last thing you want to do is go outside and work on your pool. Letting it freeze over is sounding like a better idea with every degree the temperature drops. But should you let your pool freeze? Or will freezing water...

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Above Ground Swimming Pool Kit Installation and Construction

Instructions & Manuals

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Inground Swimming Pool Installation  Resources

Basic Overview

10 Steps to Installing your Inground Swimming Pool Kit

Construction Video   

Inground Swimming Pool Kit Construction Video

Pool Base

Inground Swimming Pool Base Information 

DIY Savings

Build Your...

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Pool Krete: How to Build The Base for Your Inground Swimming Pool

Pool-Krete® Premix is a quality blend of expanded vermiculite, portland cement, and admixtures designed to be mixed with water and troweled to form a long-lasting hard bottom for in-ground vinyl-lined swimming pools. The proper use of Pool-Krete®...
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Hydra Deck Support System Installation Video

The Hydra HPS-DECK Deck Support System is an option available for Hydra steel panel inground pool kits. It can be used to provide extra support for your deck and is commonly used in applications with soft soil or when two layers of decking are being...

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Is it Better to Close Your Pool in the Winter or Leave it Open?

To close or not to close your pool…that is the question for many pool owners each year. With pros and cons for each, there is not a clear cut answer as to which is best. Rather, pool owners should become familiar with the advantages and...

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Can a Coverstar Motor be Used with a Cover-Pools System?

The answer is in fact, Yes! Most automatic cover manufacturers such as Coverstar offer a conversion kit that will allow their motor and switch to be used with other brands's mechanisms such as Cover-Pools.

In the attached photo you will see an...

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