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How to Install an Overlap Liner for your Above Ground Pool

Overlap Liners are the most economical choice in above ground liner. just as the name suggests the liner literally overlaps/drapes over the side of your pool wall and is then secured by the pool's top rails. This is the kind of liner you'll end up...

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Can a Slide be Added to an Existing Inground Swimming Pool?

If you have kids or even grandkids, a pool slide is a fun addition your backyard swimming hole that's sure to bring extra laughter and cherished memories.

You can add a slide to an existing inground pool as long as you follow certain safety...

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How to AB Measure a Pool For a New Liner

You need a new liner for your swimming pool but are told you'll have to "AB measure" your pool and now you're wondering how in the world you even do AB Measuring. Getting accurate measurements for a new liner is critical for the liner being made to...

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A Beginner's Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance

Regardless of where you live or how frequent it's used, pool maintenance is an important factor in having ahealthy pool. Maintenance can consist of anything from removing debris, balancing water chemistry, ormaintaining the pool's equipment. Your...

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How to Safely Design a Diving Board Pool

Diving boards are not restricted to public swimming pool. You can include a diving board on your new residential pool or even potentially add one to your existing backyard pool. Diving boards can add a lot of fun for both you and your kids, but keep...

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What's Included in an Above Ground or Semi-Inground Pool Kit?

At Royal Swimming Pools, all of our pool kits come with everything pool related that you'll need to build your backyard retreat! Everything sold separately will be simple building supplies that can be purchased at your local hardware store. After...

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How To Read Your Swimming Pool's Dig Spec

Dig specs are the accurate drawings of your swimming pool plans, much like a blueprint. The Dig Spec has to be approved prior to moving forward with your swimming pool order in order to confirm that you are happy with the planned placement of...

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How to Choose Above Ground Pool Equipment and Accessories

By William

If you are currently shopping for a new pool, you've probably noticed that a lot goes into just choosing a pool model. Is it saltwater compatible or approved for semi inground installation? But once you do narrow it down, there are tons of options...

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How to Put an Above Ground Pool on a Hill

Being able to enjoy your own private pool is a fantastic activity that families across the country enjoy all summer long. However, for many homeowners that have backyards on a sloping, hillside property, that dream may be a distant reality. We have...

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How to Test Swimming Pool Water User's Guide

With Spring around the corner, it's about that time to open your pools for a fresh new swim season. We've partnered with on this article to keep you up-to-date on how to test your pool's water properly. Let's dive into the details!


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