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    Is There any Way to Cool Down the Water in My Above Ground Swimming Pool

    By Debbie
    One of the most frequent  complaints  that I have received from above ground swimming pool owners is that their  pool water is extremely warm. The reason for that being is that their swimming pool doesn't have any shade on it at all. One of they best ways to help cool down your water is to get a fountain, it is extremely helpful. Fountains help circulate the pool water, the 3-tier fountain is an excellent one to use.
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    Using The Spa While Pregnant

    By Christi
    I thoroughly enjoy using my swimming pool and spill-over spa. The swimming pool is a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time! The spa allows me to relax while I watch my kids enjoy the swimming pool.
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    Swimming & Water Aerobics Great Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

    Swimming is an excellent activity for any fitness level, from beginner to pro athlete. Swimming offers a change to your workout or rehab. Swimming is a very healthy, fun and challenging form of exercise and also is a very low impact aerobic exercise. Swimming is used in pro sports all the time for rehab. Regardless of ability and experience, people of all ages can swim. Swimming is an ideal activity for those who are aging or can no longer bear the high impact and joint stress of running or jogging.
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    How Do I Keep My Pool Safe?

    By Scott
    Keeping your pool safe should be a primary concern of any pool owner.  Posted pool rules is a must for all pools. Rules like no running, no glass around the pool and most importantly no swimming alone.
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    Eco Friendly Ways to Heat Your Pool

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