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Winter Inflatables for The Snowy Season!

By Debbie. Initially published 11/19/2014

With the snow, many people have been taking advantage of the winter inflatables that we offer. Children and adults love the family fun they offer, and many of them can be used in the summer time also.

One of the popular all season inflatables is the Tubester. It is a 39" heavy duty vinyl tube that will have you racing down the snowy slopes this winter and also allow you to relax and float around your pool in the summer.


We also offer several other winter inflatables, such as the Speedster Body Board, the bodyboard is covered in nylon with a reinforced skid pad bottom that will help provide speed and stability on the snow. Another popular inflatable is the Stingray with its 4 molded PVC handles allows you to try different riding positions and the directional bottom will keep you racing down that hill in a straight line.


We also have the electric air pumps to inflate the items quickly and with ease, they are also available in a 12V accessory outlet pump. We know that kids of all ages will be in a hurry to get out and play. So bundle up warmly and get ready to have a lot of snowy fun.

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