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Frequently Asked Questions When Purchasing an Inground Swimming Pool Kit

Posted by Debbie on 11/14/11 7:48 AM

Here are some very commonly asked questions when someone is considering buying an inground swimming pool kit.

Q.]Should I get a steel pool kit or a polymer pool kit?
A.]In most parts of the United States it doesn't matter, however if you live in an area that has very rocky ground or a high clay content I will recommend that you choose a steel wall kit.

Q.] What is the gauge of steel used for the steel wall panel inground pools?
A.] The wall panels are made out of 14 gauge galvanised steel.

Q.] I don't see the size or shape pool that I want, do you have other pool dimensions available?
A.] We can do custom shapes and sizes. All that you would need to do is send us a drawing of the pool shape that you want and also the size. We will then have it quoted out for you.

Q.]What is the smallest size pool can I purchase that can have a diving board?
A.] That will vary depending on the shape of the pool you are looking at, sometimes free form swimming pools will have to be a little larger than say a rectangle pool. The smallest rectangle pool that will meet the required safety standards for a diving board is a 16' x 32'.

Q.]How will I know what dimensions to dig my hole for my swimming kit?
A.] We will send a dig specification sheet to the measurements that you wil need to have the hole escavated to. We also reccommend that you wait until your pool kit arrives before beginning excavation, so that if bad weather with exceedingly heavy rain comes through your area your dig doesn't get washed out.

Q.]What size pump do I need with my pool kit?
A.] The only time we recommend that you go up to a 2 HP pump with 2" fittings is if your pump and filter is going to be over 30 ft from the pool or if you are going to have water features added (for ex. spillover spa, water fountains, etc..)

Q.]Does the pool kit come with everything that I will need to install it?
A.] You will need to purchase the concrete for the footer and pool deck, plumbing, electrical, and what material you decide to use for the 2" base base for the pool bottom.

Q.] Are lighter or darker swimming pool liners better?
A.] That will be a matter of personal preference. Some customers that live in the country prefer lighter colored liners so that they can see if anything is in their pool ( the most common item being snakes.) However I also have customers that prefer darker liners because dirt or small debris isn't as noticeable, so they can get by longer without vaccuuming their pool.

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