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Polaris Issues

Posted by Greg on 12/22/11 3:19 PM

Polaris cleaners are the most popular cleaners on the market. They are durable, reliable, & can save the homeowner a ton of work by keeping the pool swept on a daily basis. Like everything else though, issues do arise. The most common issues I hear are the cleaners getting stuck, running slow, and tangling itself up. You can determine the cause of your problem with a process of elimination. The first things you will want to check are; A. Is my pump & skimmer baskets empty  B. Has my filter been backwashed recently C. Are all of my hose connections tight & secure   D. Are all the valves on my suction header & pressure side in the correct position  E. Is my pump impeller free and clear of debris

If you can answer yes to all of these questions & none of them solved your issue, you may have to do some further investigations & maintenance. The unit should run at 28-34 wheel revolutions per minute. The way to determine if yours is running properly is to pull your unit to the edge of the pool. While still submerged, turn the unit sideways to where the single side wheel is up.  Mark the wheel with a sharpie & count the revolutions for one minute. If your wheel is turning more than 34 times, you can adjust the pressure relief valve or install the restrictor disk's that came with your Polaris.

Another issue that can occur is wear on the gear system. Over time the gears can become brittle and wear down. Luckily, Polaris has planned for this and makes a rebuild kit. It comes with basically all the parts except the frame. They also have a tune up kit which alot of people will use to ensure the life of their unit & to keep problems from ever coming up. You can purchase anything you might need by visiting our easy to use parts finder.

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