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Happy Mardi Gras!

Posted by Greg on 3/3/14 3:00 PM

mardi grasThe main Mardi Gras celebration takes place on what is known as Fat Tuesday, but the carnival celebration begins as early as January 6th, and gains momentum until the big night. Celebrations include extravagant parades led by various “krewes”, complete with parade throws, several formal balls, and food galore, including the infamous “king cakes.” While there is an extensive and rich history that accompanies this massive celebration, there is one tradition I was not aware of, but that still holds significance – the tradition of lights!

Established in 1718, New Orleans is where Mardi Gras was born, and it continues to be the center of the party! In its beginning years, Mardi Gras was celebrated only with grand balls, which are still a prominent aspect of the holiday. It wasn’t until the 1830’s that Mardi Gras evolved into what we are familiar with today; parades, floats, fancy balls, and…lights! Here is an excerpt from the official Mardi Gras, New Orleans website: “Dazzling gaslight torches, or “flambeaux,” lit the way for the krewe’s members, and lent each event an exciting air of romance and festivity.” Today, the dazzling lights are displayed on floats and establishments throughout the city, and many people across the nation celebrate Mardi Gras in their own homes, with decorative lighting as a part of their festivities.

If you’re looking to get in on the Mardi Gras light fun, display your lights in your pool! At Royal Swimming Pools, we sell pool lights with the most up to date LED technology, offering you a unique way to celebrate the holiday with friends and family. Our Hayward Color Logic LED Light offers bold, vibrant colors, and with one of its seven light shows entitled “Mardi Gras,” it is sure to add to your celebration! Part of what makes this pool light outshine the rest is its simple operation. Once the Color Logic light is installed, it can be controlled through a basic electrical switch, or by a wireless control. This light’s five basic colors make up to 1,500 additional hews, and with seven different light shows, your pool will be Mardi Gras ready! Click here for an idea of what the Color Logic light looks like in action!

Royal Swimming Pools also offers quality above ground pool lighting. For fun, festive lighting, consider the Aqua Glow Underwater Light Show! This light fixture floats on the surface of the pool, while creating a light show you won’t soon forget, using five unique colors, on the bottom. For a dual light and fountain fixture, take a closer look at the Dancing Waters Light and Fountain Show! Remote control activated, this light and fountain reacts to the sound and intensity of music! Hook up your iPod or CD player to an amplified speaker, and then to the remote control. Next, simply sit back and relax as you watch the lights’ intensity, and the fountain’s height, change with the music. For all other available pool lights, visit Enjoy your Mardi Gras celebration!